New truck! (The Beast)


@SchertzServicesLLC what size engine is in that truck?


5.2 dot dot


There’s a 95 w4500 from Arizona with 115k miles for sale near me for $3900. Was thinking about picking it up and giving it a try and ditching the trailer. I need to talk to him and see what engine is in it. I worry about it being underpowered.


It won’t be underpowered… even if it has a 5.7 350 gasser in it.


Oh really? Lol


I stopped and looked at it quick and I know it’s definitely diesel. I thought the older years like that one were a smaller 4 cylinder diesel. I liked the price so I thought it might be worth it. It’s a blank canvas as it is only a frame in the rear so I can fabricate anything I want for it.


Got any pics?


I’m waiting to see if the 7” of snow is going to miss us or not, otherwise I will stop by it tomorrow and get all the information and snap a few pictures. Looks like another PW in the area was going to use it for a build but decided to go with an enclosed trailer.


@SchertzServicesLLC. Have fun plowing tonight. My buddy goes to WIU and just posted that pic.

That wet heavy stuff sucks, you’ll know by the morning how the 2wd Cab over does. Have fun!


2nd largest November snow in 100 years. I can do without this malarkey… problem here is Kansas City is never prepared and it takes two days to clear roads.


Ha! Thus why I live in the PNW! Choose your poison I guess!


Is that the sleepy trailer?


Yeah. It’s holding Christmas light stuff at the moment, but fully insulated and with the heater buddy on the wall it gets almost too warm. I’m gonna need a roof vent.


Well I tore the rear end out of it (the cabover) and blew a transfer case on another. Not having a good night…


Sitting in a hotel and having one employee plow at Walmart. The other employee is here with me. Just waiting until the rental place opens to rent a few loaders.


That sucks man, hope you get it figured out


Loaders are the only solution. We have nearly 10 inches of snow on the ground and 4 more hours of snow coming. It’s insane here. Only hotel in town that’s plowed is the one I’m laying in lol…



It was the transmission that went out on the cabover… poop…