New truck! (The Beast)


50 bags come on a pallet. I have keys to my salt dealers warehouse and I just use their forklift to load myself up and write down what I took.


That’s got to get old quick


Very true. I’m so glad you talked me into the 14’ when I was purchasing everything. I would have never made it with what I was looking at. This 14x7 is pretty full and I still have stuff to do.


Me to. I had always had 16 ft trailers because I did mostly commercial work. @Racer brought up some valid points why a 14 ft would be better in a residential setting and I’m seeing that. I’m so glad I went with a 14 because I’m doing more residential than I’ve ever done.


It’s a ton of fun! Best fun a guy could have! You had better come try it out… Tom Sawyer


Good looking rig. Lots of room.


Brackets were fabricated today! I pulled into one of my old plows to see if it was sturdy. It’s weird sitting in the cab and seeing the blade!


Nice shop.


Thank you! I built it myself 2 summers ago. Every screw in that thing was put in by me lol. You find out you have less friends when you build something. I did scrounge up 4 guys when I did the concrete floor.


How would that truck plow uphill with 2WD? Would the weight alone give enough traction?


Well I’ll likely never find out. We are flat landers in my neck of the woods and you won’t find many hills. Especially not anywhere I plow lol


My plow dealer and I finished the install tonight (literally just finished at 1am) installing the new western wideout on the beast! We’re expecting a winter storm Sunday night and I’m super excited to plow in this truck!


Hey Chris, was looking at some of the things this company does and ran across this. Might be a good item for you -

Also this one -


We were asked to plow 6.5 miles of sidewalk for the city. I ultimately turned it down but this is what I was going to buy.


That plow is awesome.

Its like an Inspector Gadget plow.


Blaire really puts up with a lot of my shenanigans! Spur of the moment forklift purchase for example…


Tell her you had to have to move all her stuff out of the shop, lol. Be sure not to be in throwing distance.when you say that.


She got awful mad the other day when I suggested she clean my shop and organize her stuff… she was in the middle of cooking dinner. In hindsight I probably ate spit that night…


Mi$ter Plow over here


Hardly! I’d just rather spend it than give it to the tax man lol