New truck! (The Beast)


About 10,000 pound payload capacity. But I really don’t want 10,000 pounds on it while I’m plowing.


Why, I’d think that would help? But you could take what I know about snow plowing and put on a pinhead.


Weight will help you not loose traction when you want to move forward and will help you loose traction when you want to stop. I hope to stay on the traction gained side of that statement.


LOL, for sure. Do you run chains when you’re plowing? I would think a plow full of snow would slow you down pretty quick.


This is my first 2 wheel drive truck. From what I’ve read on the plow forum I won’t need them. But time will tell.


Plow full of snow only happens on a parking lot. When I’m traveling between accounts I am flying. I’ve had a couple close calls with people pulling out in front of me and had to drop the plow on the road to help stop me.


I wonder how many gallons it really is? It holds about 10 bags. I want a v box so I can load it with the loader and not break my back!


Man, that hurts my feelings just thinking about dropping a plow to stop. I was always worried I would have to do that and end up hitting a man hole cover or something. I can really see your truck being great for big open lots. We almost never plowed in 4wd only when the snow got wet and heavy. I am so jealous of that big open flatbed. Like a blank canvas.


It honestly turns so sharp that it will be effective in small lots too. And I would rather hit a manhole and trip a blade than put a plow into a car.

Thing will be fun! I’ll get some good videos this winter!


No doubt, I can still feel the rattle in the back of my teeth when you hit that unseen man hole cover


A lot of my properties have way worse hidden things than manhole covered. Gas station fill lids are the worst! One of my factories has a broken up area of concrete that always smacks me around like a step child.


I shot a video from the dash of driving around salting. Some had asked about its turning radius. Sorry the mount was vibrating but it’s a diesel and not much I could do other than hold the phone. At like 1.20 I made a u turn and you can get the feel of how sharp it turns around. It’s sharper turning than my f150 and I have yet to find somewhere I couldn’t fit that my truck would. I’ll be mounting a large screen backup camera before long.


I am sensing a new channel. Plowing Porn. Maybe a reality show?! :+1:


That’s a big parking lot. How much salt would it take to treat that?


About 6,000 pounds. Once my liquid sprayer is installed I’ll be able to spray it with 1,200 gallons of liquid de icer. Liquid contains 2.4 pounds of salt per gallon so about half what it takes for granulated salt.

Right now with granulated it costs me $600 per event.

Liquid will cost me $275


I’m going to buy a nice drone to get good footage lol


You ever look into using desugared beet juice for deicing? I just heard of it, myself.

My guess is that it would be cost probibitive for large properties like what you’re doing. But I bet it’d be all the rage in a Hippie-granola town like where I live…

The place where I’m buying my flatbed today sells it.


Yea I have access too it. Just not cost effective. Some rock salt I use is treated with it sometimes.


How do you carry that much salt. Does it come in bulk containers? That’d be a lot of 50lb bags so know you can’t be doing it like that.


Yes I am doing that right now lol… New equipment is back ordered. I move it into the hopper by hand. Takes me about 3 min to fill the hopper. I can carry 10k pounds of payload. But I try to stay under 8,000