New truck! (The Beast)


It’s just seating the rings.


I’d bet $1000 the cross bores are still in the cylinders. Engine is totally stock. Some day when it’s done working I’ll wake it up.


The 7.3s reputation speaks for itself. It’s lawnmower technology compared to what they do today with high pressure fuel rails but that’s what made it great and run to 400k!


I run Michelin XZTs on my 4x4 isuzu they are good in the wet but pretty unlikely I will get to run them in snow…
If i dont end up trading for a FC500 I’m considering a single wheel conversion and parabolic suspension so i can slip off the work back and load up buggy and boat trailer and get right off the beaten track.


My turbo diesel in the Isuzu gets up and goes… way faster then 5.7 in the flatbed


3:18 am and I’m out spreading salt in the new rig. Unfortunately the mount for this thing was wrong and we now realize we’re going to have to modify the mount. Will be sending the truck to the fab shop for a plow mount.

In other news I put 7,500 pounds of salt on the bed and it didn’t mind a bit! Really made it ride smoother lol


So I was talked into not putting a quick disconnect on the hose reel for my hp line. I was in the middle of a job and my stomach struck me hard! I barley made it to a caseys gas station. But I bet I set a new reeltime record! That afternoon I pulled the hose and put a qc on it. Since that day the qc has saved me 2x

I need to not eat greasy fast food en route to a housewash is the moral of the story!


Fast food is poison I would have to be almost dead of hunger to eat that crap . Except McRibs I like those :grinning:


Ok awesomewash. Gross:


Thank god this thing fit through the door! It’s 22 degrees outside…


That big bed and you have a 40 gallon salt spreader lol. L


I’m guessing your throwing a huge one on there? Nice truck!


I just mounted 2 IBC totes that will have liquid de-icer and I’m ordering a sprayer kit from VSI INNOVATIONS up in your neck of the woods.

My hope is that I don’t end up spreading much granulated salt and I can stick with liquid. But if I find myself having to do a lot of both I’ll buy a western tornado 2.5 yard v box.

That salt spreader was perfect for my 150 but it does look small on this rig lol


It’s really scary how much room I have to play on this bed. @Racer I measured it at 14.5 foot.

When you have the mentality of cramping everything into a 6 foot truck bed and go to something like this it’s weird! I was marking things out with chalk last night and I’ll only end up using 2/3 of the bed with tanks and all.


No kidding, that thing big. You could put about 6 totes of deicer on there. It seems like a lot to you now for pw ing but it’s the same floor space as my 14’ trailer and I can tell you, it can fill up fast. The belly boxes will be nice for keeping odds and ends tho.


The belly box picture about really ticked me off yesterday… I had to bust the lock and forgot it open when I went to back out of the shop. The door hanging open smashed my shop door track to a pancake. Took me 20 minutes to bend the track back so I could close the door. Just glad I didn’t pull the shop down lol

I plan on mounting 2 extra batteries and my 12v pumps in that box. As well as store all my mix additives.


Liquid deicer weighs about 10.5 lbs per gallon. I think I can carry about 600/700 gallons safety.


Yikes, I hate when that happens, lol. I assume you have box on both sides? I’d even think about adding one behind the wheels too. The only problem with flatbeds is you don’t have much storage - things like spare clothes, jackets, rags, misc parts, etc. The list goes on.


I’m surprised. Figured that sucker might have a 15-16k payload


It has an 8 foot box on the drivers side that I’m going to use for tools and storage. Lots of room for belly boxes on the other sides.

The wife already wants to shoot me with all the money going out. 30k gone and winter hasn’t really even started lol