New truck! (The Beast)


Yes out the door. You can get cheaper plows but not v plows or wide outs. My dealer is cool and is putting the mounts and wiring on tomorrow. The mounts and wiring will run any western plow. So he’s going to let me demo the v blade and the wide out and decide what one I like.


If I do I have tanks staged around town at my accounts and can suck more onto the truck.


Good idea. That’s thinking ahead.


I’m hooked on this truck. Was a bumpy 4 hour drive but it’s a beast. Haven’t been this excited in a long time for a new rig. Now I want a brand new one… maybe in a couple years!


Sounds like a good price though


I was happy. Cash talks!


What year is it? And how long is that bed/


It’s an 06 and I honestly forget how many feet the bed is. I think between 14-16 but never measured it.

Needs a couple minor things fixed and the driver door has a dent in the bottom. I’m going to find a new door. Dome light wouldn’t work, driver seat is worn out, strobe light is broken. And the heater doesn’t blow really hard. But all minor stuff.


how many miles on it?


190,000 and change


Diesel 5.2


That’s a good price. At that you can afford to sink a little money into it and get it tip top shape. What engine does it have?


It’s actually really fast and tons of torque from a dead stop. It will honestly outrun my f150. But the f150 is pushing 389,000 miles


What do you expect. It’s a GM and not a Ford. Of course it’s going to outrun it, lol


I let you have that one… but I don’t see many bow ties with stock motor pushing 400,000 miles! Been the best truck I’ll ever own!


I’v been waiting to mount mine…I live in FL.


I can’t even count the times I’ve had to unhook my trailer to go to a gas station to take a crap! Ugh!!!


Says the guy with a bmw in the front yard and a brick mansion in the heart of Greenville​:joy::joy::joy:

Not even going to talk about the shingled brick 3 bedroom dog house in your back yard :joy:.


And yet another reason to get a box truck and a spare bucket with a lid.

“Excuse me ma’am. I have to check on something in the truck. From the noises I can hear from here, something’s about to take a crap in the back of the truck. Gonna be right back!”


The old 7.3 is getting close