New truck! (The Beast)


On a side note I’m so tired from working on this build that I don’t even want to wash houses lol


Bingo. Too many people call as it is.


I’ll get that way. Once the nursery takes off I’ll probably sell all my equipment. :joy:


I had my Isuzu put together at 3 am and had a house to wash the next day at 10 am lol. I feel ya.

Still have my new E 350 to build,have the tanks installed and that’s it.

I’ve been to Menards about 20 times and spent hundreds on no idea what


Went to the farm store today and spent $250 on just fittings. But this truck will be the most efficient rig around. She’s all loaded up for a long day tomorrow. Calls slowed down but I’m ready for another rush.

Once I get the pw skid built I’ll have room to add another pressure washer. I’m on the fence if I should do another 8 or do like a 5 so I can find a hot box cheaper.


I think the backup camera was the best investment! I can see all my equipment, latter, tel pole ect running down the road.


Need some new boots! And maybe a boat lol :joy:


The truck looks great Chris!


Thank you sir!


Update- could only afford the boots lol


What in tarnation is this!


Please keep it on your half of the state! LOL Still just rain here.


I may have to go salt and plow Walmart…


It’s coming for you.


The way it’s coming down now you just might have too.

As warm as it has been lately I was surprised to see how much of it is sticking.


OH NO!!! Wow its really coming down there!!! It’s still rain at this point here but radar shows its close. I’ll get my snow shovel back out!!! lol


This is stupid…


Lol the weather here sucks too but for a different reason…I was sweating while pressure washing at 6am.



Yuck looks like no fun!