New truck! (The Beast)


Welding up the sign frames.


1 side is all together!


In search of wife sitter. She has the flu and needs me to tend to her and the kids full time! Can’t get this truck done to save my life lol


Hinges are welded on one side.


Slow and steady! Riveting the sign on one side now.


Have you done roofs before? I hate I have it on my wrap…I’m actually thinking of dropping it as we grow.


Not impressed.

I would be if you send that Bronco to VA though.


Blaire would kill me! It was even in our wedding pictures lol


I’ve done 2 and have one on the books for April. It’s good money per square.


Great money… I’ve done about 20 of them. Just can be a huge headache sometimes


Both sides are on and done! It looks like I could take flight now lol


So I have ran out of time! I had to call and reschedule 2 jobs today because I wasn’t ready. I had plenty of time to build it but the whole family getting sick offed that plan. So I have about 15 jobs in the next few days to get through. Ive got all the tubing to build a vertical skid but no time.

For now I’m just bolting everything down and getting through the rush. Not ideal and if I have time I’ll weld up the skid.

Still loving this truck and all the space! On a side note I want to thank @squidskc for the advice along time ago. When you are ordering stuff make sure you order extras. I bought a new reel for my pressure line and I’ll use the old reel for garden hose. Well I went to move the fittings over to the new reel and they may as well be welded on (the reduction bushing on the swivel). I was sitting there thinking a few bucks in parts is going to trip me up. I grabbed my spare parts box and I’ll be darned if I didn’t have 3 extra of everything I needed. If anyone takes anything from this thread it’s order extras!


Did this yesterday. Spent a good $700 but I’m sure I’m forgetting something. Sounds like a good thread to start. “What do you carry extras of?”


Are the door things capable of being removed easily. They are going to be a pain if you are parked on a street, driveway or parking space.


They flip up so I can access everything. But they do come off easy with 2 people.


I’m just thinking about trying to open them with cars parked beside you, mail boxes, trees etc.


My last truck everything was pulled curbside and I never noticed an issue. Hoping you are wrong lol


Me too lol. Worst case scenario, make a track for it to slide straight up. I tend to look at everything in the light of what I do. I fold in mirrors and squeeze in between cars at apartment complexes all day. Tight spaces




I bought trailer gate hinges for it so it could just slide off. But you wouldn’t ever put these on your truck! You are incognito!