New truck! (The Beast)


@SchertzServicesLLC I laughed and gagged at the same time that’s pooptacular !!!


Got the ladder rack all fabricated today. Still need to bolt it down but I had to make sure it would still fit in the shop. This week I have to build the frame for the big signs and weld the hinges on. Once everything is finished up and before I mount the sign I will do a roll on bed liner on the structure. For giggles I sat the sign up there and clamped in on. Should look nice all done up!


Looking good!!


Signs big enough to hide that nasty predator (;


Where you hiding yours then?


Are the signs going to fold down when you’re working off it?


Actually will fold up so I have a shade spot.


Inside the box truck lol


You will see the light soon enough!


Sign looks good man. Is that your HW tank towards the cab? Make sure you dont drink from it.


Lol noted! I’m mounting it somewhere so I always have cold water.


Oh! I thought that with an aquarium heater was your hot water system! Thanks for clarifing! :grin:


He has the hottest sterno can boiler in the Midwest !


The signs came out great! I like how you put power washing on the top line. I’ve learned in my area that people signify power washing with everything exterior cleaning. Unfortunately they think the only way to clean a roof is with a power washer and to clean a house is with 3500 psi 2 inches away from the siding. I have Pressure Washing on my truck and I’ve actually had a couple of people ask me if that is the same as power washing.


Yeah, I think terminology is very regional. I went with “Power Washing” on our advertising for this reason. People here in the Tri-State region seem to favor that term for exterior cleaning of any kind.

Btw, you mispelled “Agawam” on your website :wink:


Good looking out. That is one of many typos my website designer has made.


Thought he was talking to me lol


The time has come to build out the pressure washing side of the beast! Got it stripped down so it can be built up! 4 days to complete this build.


And what would a new build be with a trip to HF for some cheap tools lol


Four day? No problem man… here is some inspiration.

And i like HF tools, about all i keep in the truck and trailer, expect vice grips… really like the cheapish Kobalt ones from Lowes