New truck! (The Beast)


Well with the water tank full of brine and about 1,000 pounds of salt in the spreader I would say I’m doing good on weight! (Plow was not on)


Are you suppose to get hit with any snow tomorrow night? I didn’t zoom in but looks like it may be a tad north of you.


1-3 inches. I took the day off work and sprayed salt brine on Walmart and messed around in the shop preparing.


I kept seeing the report say “moderate snow accumulation” for like 4 days in advance. You know when the weather report says that this time of year it usually means we’re going to get hammered with like a foot or more. I was surprised to see it only said 2"-4" this morning. I thought we were going to be in for a big one because we’re due for one of those 15" storms.


We have had a 9 and a 16 this year. After the last 16 I’ve been over winter!


Since you got all this free time at your old job, what about your contraption you’re building that we’re all waiting on? I’m not getting any younger down here, lol.


I’m on it lol


So I just ordered all the stuff! I ordered a very high end remote (as far as remotes go) and 3 way valve. All should arrive on Tuesday. Also a waterproof box for it all to go in.


Just started building out the ladder rack/sign holder today. Hopefully I can get it all fabricated and primed tomorrow. Once I get the signs hung I’ll start building out the new pressure washing skid. My brother is an underwater welder so paying him to do my welding was a no brainer.


But can he weld above water?


Honestly when he first came back from dive school, no he couldn’t! I had him weld wing brackets on the plow and they broke in 20 minutes. But he’s been on the road for a year welding inside water towers. Figured I’d give him a shot at redemption. He laid the first weld and I looked and said “ you finally figured it out” lol


I also could never envy his job. Here he is diving in a sewer plant to repair a valve. :nauseated_face:


I hope he gets paid well.


Not as good as one would think! If he went off shore he could make a killing.


Looks like a real ■■■■■■ job! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Holly cow, at first it looks like someone left a of glove on the ground, then I zoom in and realized. Wait there’s another glove, is that helmet??? Wow how can he even see under there?


You don’t. He says most jobs are off feel.


This is how I replied when he sent me that. image


Btw, that wasn’t no atom bomb.


I’m a diver for the FD I work at. Most times we are diving in black water, which is no visibility and its all by feel. Usually we are searching for a body, so that isn’t so hard to find, but we sometimes have to dive for evidence which is a little tougher. However, my version of black water is NO WHERE NEAR that version of black water! No way I could do that. Diving with no visibility took a little getting used to, but thank goodness for comms gear and a tender that puts up with me talking like crazy. Its the only way I can keep myself calm at times.