New truck! (The Beast)



I’m tempted to suspend one of my guys, but I don’t want to work nights

Man that’s tough, glad you got help. Will you have someone else work nights for you?


I usually do. But when it comes to salting I’m the only one I trust. If I have a slip and fall suit I want it to be me answeing the questions! Not to mention salt is super expensive and if you open the chute too much or put it on the wrong mode you could waste a grand worth of salt easily.


Ah ok nice. Yea some things are best done yourself, i mean you’re getting paid to do it anyways.
I bet it’s relaxing driving that around, I’d be snaking to keep me awake, I fall asleep quick!


The driving around is not bad. It’s loading the salt spreader that sucks! I’m moving to bulk salt next year. But I’ll have to buy property in town to build a salt shed…


I am just over this winter crap!


Heart click, because there is no, “that sucks” button :wink:


It did suck! I had a wrecker on the way and I got out. This lady’s driveway slopes down and has about a 25 foot wide creek that was full of water. As I was sliding backwards down the hill I could see the creek getting closer in the backup camera and knew it was either put it in the ditch or creek. I chose ditch lol but in hindsight the creek would have made for a nice insurance claim!


Breaks my heart to read all this…we already have 80* weather and rain.


I’m so ready for summer! Ready to start building the truck out but I need to be closer to spring.

Unfortunately I did mess something up when I got stuck! The front driver brake locks up when I press the brakes moderately hard. But ever since I had the brake job done on the front I have felt as the rear brakes were not pulling their weight… so they need bled out or adjusted.


I imagine parking lots that thing does well, but what about residential drives?


It’s too big. But unfortunately my small salt spreader is down so if they want plowed and salted I have to struggle. I’m still considering sending cancellation letters to all residential accounts this summer. Just to big of pita.


Where’s the plow ? Lol


Sitting by the shop. I take it off when I’m just out salting.


The brake proportioner went out twice on my NPR cab over. That could be your problem if bleeding them doesn’t work.


How hard was that to replace?


Thirty minute job. First one wasn’t OEM and only lasted a month.


I just talked to the shop that replaced the brake caliper on the front a few weeks ago. They didn’t bleed all 4 brakes when they did the work.

I did some looking online and it says if you break the system open and you don’t bleed the breaks rp rd fp fd that the proportion valve will “think” you have a leak and shut off the rear brakes… so apparently I just need to bleed all my brake lines… well no, the shop needs to bleed them. I spent $540 for a caliper and pads for the front and they did half the work. Kinda mad!


Signs are done! Here’s a sneak peek!


Chris, sign looks good. Question for you: did you just make your old web address link to the clean309? I took your cue and bought the domain for my area code (great idea btw). The area code web address would certainly be easier for folks to remember or quickly in traffic but not sure if I should have it link to my existing site or vice versa. Also not sure how either may affect SEO. Either way, well done.


Yea I just forwarded the new address to the old one. It doesn’t seem to be affecting my seo at all. Time will tell I guess! I’m not an seo wizard but I can’t see it being that big of a deal.