New truck! (The Beast)


@squidskc ooops I did it again! Predator motor build snowman style!


Was no picnic…

Post 106 of that thread shows the customized hitch.

Oh, and snow chains combined with careful route planning to get around with FWD.


That is what i was wondering.


How many driveways did you do during the storm?


Whats motor for?


For spraying liquid de-Icer. Although I am going to bed a little disappointed… the pump says it puts out 35 gpm but after fitting it up with everything I am getting 2.5 gpm! Really scratching my head on this one… guess I need to step up to the 2 inch trash pump that the store bought units have. I was thinking it would be at least 15gpm after the fitting we’re facto in.

Next step up in pumps is 160gpm and I figured it was overkill! I’ll try the pump out tomorrow on the ice and see if I like it more.

Guess I could try increasing the water inlet size hose before I write it off. That’s about all it could be!


What pump you using?


I was using my fat boy. It was working great but just a little slow for my needs.


Upgraded pumps and the inlet hose size and problem is mostly solved. Would like to see a bit more flow but I am happy for now!


Where’d you get that frame that engines mounted on?


It came that way. It’s a trash pump.


Dang how on the world did you have time to set that up with all that snow?..your a workaholic lol


Unfortunately yes… I actually had a heart to heart with Blaire last night and apologized for being absent the last few weeks. I haven’t had a day off in over 3 weeks now. It’s getting really old at this point!

It’s really sad that I look forward to coming to my day job so I don’t have to work as hard lol


Roll cage type frames are available at water cannon & a few other sites, let me know if you find a good supplier


I wish i could be more productive, but I told my wife I’d not work after five every day, so I try to keep my word on that.
It hinders me from doing everything I want with the rig and garage but it’s the investment in my family that I need to do. Even if we’re just chilling before and after dinner
Same investment I have by having date night every Wednesday and family bbq on Saturdays


I would trade it all for that!


Yea man do it, it’s worth it.
One of my clients, a millionaire who founded a huge manufacturing company always tells me that he never had a day off (and thus didn’t spend time with his family), and that’s what it takes to be successful.
But I’m not after that type of success. My wife is a stay at home mom, will be homeschooling the children, and not working and paying a nanny to look after our own kids.
I know I could do more for my company but I think I’m going at a fine pace.


Unfortunately when it comes to snow we are contractually obligated. We are big enough that going back next season really is not an option. Once you pass a point you either have to stay big or loose big. Assuming this winter stops kicking my butt, we will have a pretty decent balance from our contract left over. This will allow me to take a step back in the pressure washing and be much pickier on what I do.


Hey I saw that in the magazine

And yea those contracts are understandable. So you do them at night after your day job?
You still have a guy doing pilot service full time?


I got the same one for $179 with my membership.

Long story on the pilot car driver but he’s temporarily suspended.

I use vacation days when it snows and I have 4 operators that run trucks, loaders and the skid steer. Tonight I’ll be out until 3-4 am spreading salt again. Then at 8am I have FEMA training lol