New truck! (The Beast)


Snow removal is one of the hardest things you can do to a truck. It is expensive to buy equipment and insurance is 9K a year. Most of our customers are high end that require a lot of insurance and equipment. We are the the most expensive in town but we are also the most sought after. Not bragging, just the truth… We used to have a waiting list but I quit keeping track and just focus on the big fish.


Current situation.


@SchertzServicesLLC I wonder if this would fit on my Ram 2500 :roll_eyes::joy::thinking:
After seeing all this money…I mean snow, you’ve peaked my interest.


Oh don’t kid yourself! It cost me 12K to get through this storm at least! It’s good money but if you wanna go big it takes a lot of cash! And trust me I’m not rich by any stretch of the imagination!

Actually I won’t see any profits until the last couple checks come in for the year… It’s really a burden lol


My cousin had a huge plow business…he had
Three large apartments on a season price…not per plow. I think back in 2015 we had a snow storm every other day it seemed…anyways that sunk his business into the ground.


Yea, you gotta put a cap on per season pushing. If you have so many snows it pays more. But most of the time if you ask for that you have to offer a refund if you don’t get any snows.


What they calling for up there with this storm? Looks like a lotta snow in fotecast for your region


6-8 inches is pretty likely! But this time it will be blowing and only be 10 degrees… I ordered snow chains for the beast but they wont be in until tomorrow afternoon. Hope it’s in time!!


The accumulation keeps going up, and the temp keeps dropping :cold_sweat:


Do you have a plow or just exclusively run a blower?


Just blowers :flushed:

I’ll be running on caffeine most of the weekend. I’ll still get more sleep than you do, though

My personal estimate is that we’ll get about 18” total. Weather channel always seems to overshoot on their predictions for our area.



Good luck, and god speed cowboy! You are braver than me! I get out of the truck for food and gas… That’s it lol

Edit: I thought this said “ever” not never lol


Eh, it’s just what I needed to pull me out of the winter blues. Good old fashioned manual labor.


Man thats cold.

Hope storms is good for ya… i enjoy it as well, normally no more than 15 min at a house and then move on.

Stay warm.


I hope it misses us completely! Not going to happen but a guy can wish!



nice looking truck. congrats!!!


We only got a couple inches! So happy!! But it also got super cold and I spread 12,000 pounds of salt to bust the ice…


Thanks! It cost more than my house… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


How did u manage to do snow blower stuff before 4wheel drive and the truck?