New truck! (The Beast)


I’m not gonna lie y’all this sucks! I’ve worked 96 hours on 9 hours of sleep… I know we expanded a lot this year but dang…

I know @Racer has no sympathy lol


Need to quit your day job lol


lol, we reap what we sow. Seriously, happy business is booming, but I do feel for you. I have days when I hate to hear the phone ring.


We had well over 200 phone calls from non route customers… and the going rate I charge for that is $100 a pop for this deep of snow. Turned them all down but 2.

$20,000 turned down the last 3 days :face_vomiting:


Took today off and thought about doing it tomorrow!


@Infinity you should have came down with that snowblower!


That thing is massive… I’m glad we don’t have to worry about snow down here in Charleston but like once every 5 years!! that thing gas?..ive never seen one up close. I always wondered do you have to get out to start it spreading or do you do it remotely from the cab


This thread just gets better and better


So is this no longer a pressure cleaning vehicle? Or are you able to take that massive salt sprayer off?


It comes off with a forklift in 30 seconds! It will be a sweet pressure washing rig this summer!


Man i hate when that happen


How many residential drives can 1 rig handle in a day?

And for $100 last year and our 12”-14” of snow, some people baulked when i gave them the price. When i would drive back by and see them shoveling the driveway, my enjoyment was also worth not getting the job.


It depends what kind of blade you are using. If you have a rear mount blade and a front blade where you can back in and pull it out to the street you can do a drive in less than 5 min. On a big snow like this if you just have a straight blade on the front of a truck it can take 8-10 min per drive.

1 day is very vague when it comes to snow removal. My “days” are 23-36 hours straight. so if you could do 20 drives an hour over 36 hours… well you see my point lol

EDIT: you would also have to be a monster to have 700+ residential accounts! I have 20 and I am dropping all of them this summer. I already fired 3 commercial customers after this storm that complained about stupid stuff.

I also got my but chewed so hard yesterday for 30 min by one of our very large customers because I forgot to plow the owners parking spot… I can skip dieting for a few weeks since he took some pounds off the back side of me!


Yes, i was wondering time per drive…

Gotta get that boss’ spot ready man. Im sure pol get real testy in the huge storms


I have 2 dump trucks ordered for tomorrow morning and brought in another rented back hoe. We’re preparing properties now and hauling off snow for the next event. Bank accounts draining fast lol!


The 2 factories actually just called and fired us because of it!!! That sucks! Oh well now I have more free time lol


Thats crazy.


Well, good luck to them getting any better service on this next storm :smirk:

That sucks, though.


I am actually relieved… I just sent them a $6,000 invoice and moved their account to dormant lol

They are a huge crybaby account!


Sounds expensive for your customers! :flushed: