New truck! (The Beast)


Oh god my piggy bank will be stuffed in 30 days lol. All my commercial accounts are getting 2-3 plow mills on one storm :money_mouth_face:


Just got home and took this for y’all… this has been a rough couple days!


Goodnight :zzz::sleeping:


Already up lol phone started ringing…


Only about 10 more acres of parking lots to clear then plow Walmart again and I’m going into hibernation!


You are an animal sir!


I really wish it was only 8 inches lol

This sucks! Now they are talking about 2 more huge storms in the next 10 days. We’re we’re asked to make an emergency call into Coorperate tomorrow and get them to pay for off site snow removal. Basically I need to hire about 4-6 dump trucks for a couple days and use the loader to fill them up. Then they haul it away.

Just glad it’s not part of my contract and salary pay!

This off site deal gets super expensive!


Never heard so much whining about making so much money, lol.


Saw this on his FaceBook page!?!???

Thought you had a loader and all this fancy equipment???


Lol. I’ve been seeing guys up here using backpack blowers to blow of sidewalks, especially when it’s cold/fluffy snow.


I made a big purchase this morning. Last night my salt spreader crapped out on me and I really needed a bigger one anyway. I told Blaire last night I was thinking about getting one and she rolled her eyes. So as I was walking out the door this morning I said I’m going to Burlington to buy A salt spreader!

Anyone got a room for rent?


Honey! I fixed the salt spreader lol


Holy salt spreader batman


Hows the truck handling all the snow?


Pretty darn good! It has so much weight behind it you can push a mountain.


WOW just WOW! How you going to store that dang thing come spring time?


Future Chris can worry about that…


Well, we’ve got our own storm coming now. Hoping it hits us, and doesn’t change course.


That one is going to hit us too. They are saying it may be as many inches as we just got this one…


So the backup camera is sweet mounted up facing the inside of the salt hopper! No need to get out and see how much is in the thing.