New truck! (The Beast)


No no y’all! Not on my thread!


That dang griz. At least there are no naked cat pics, yet.


Lol. Sorry ill stop :joy::joy:


Schertz that is one sweet rig there…I love seeing the transformation from a standard flatbed to a washing plowing monster!!


Got a couple new toys to install on the beast. Backup camera and backup lights. If you are in the market for a backup camera this may be a good option! I’ll post a review after it’s installed.


Did you figure out how to split screen it? would be even cooler…I love the magnet idea.I might have to try that with some lights


No, it doesn’t have that option. I got it all installed last night. Magnets work great! they are really sturdy. May need a bit bigger for lights. I like the camera but it doesn’t have the backup lines or split screen… But it’s also a $150 camera lol


Are you using the magnets to mount the lights? That would be handy!


No, these will be bolted. They are a bit heavy to try and use these mags.


So glad to have the beast back. We have a snow storm coming tomorrow that will dump 3-8 inches on us. So I was out on my lunch break spraying de-icer. Will be a long afternoon spraying another 600 gallons or more!


Send some of that our way, would ya? I got bills to pay :laughing:


It’s looking like this will be another bad storm for us… last night as I was spraying brine I had a break shoe break and fall out of the front tire… I can’t catch a break with this dang truck! I used the e brake to drive it a block to the repair shop. Hopefully they can get it fixed today.


Yep. They’re saying there’s potential for up to a foot of snow straight across from Colorado, through KS and MO all the way to Maryland. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s going to make it much higher than Pennsylvania.

It’s weird. I always thought it snowed from August to May in VT… :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ve been lucky so far with myne (but I’m not plowing with it either) I went and looked at another Isuzu last weekend but seemed like it had a rough 200k put on it.

Heading to Moline, IL early in the morning tomorrow to check out a E-350 cutaway van with a flatbed on it.


Just working out the bugs! Shop called and said it’s about done already so we’re good to go! Going on the 8 inches lol need to repopulate the bank account after the last storm…


Have fun plowing @SchertzServicesLLC. I just got home from Moline (quad cities). And man Illinois is a crap hole right now. Took 8 hours for a 5 hour trip home


@SchertzServicesLLC making big $$$$$ tonight. Hopefully are his equipment running good. Looks like that whole area getting hammered.


It must be good because he hasn’t chimed in all day.


Either that or he’s broke down again :joy:


Mentally broken! We got nearly 15 inches! Just worked 35 hours straight, headed home for a nap!