New truck! (The Beast)


Lol I think you are marketing to the wrong fella if you want to save me money. I think my self builds work just fine.


Your truck will handle better if you move the tanks back about 2 feet. Your maxing our the front axle


The shop said the same thing but I put a 2500lb pallet of salt on the back. I’ll be buying a v box spreader that goes on the back and I need room in front of it for salt. Truck is getting a workout.


Also I do need weight on the front to stop the front from pushing sideways when plowing heavy snow.




Isuzu are pretty tuff but doing the old drive -reverse -drive to get unstuck especially when loaded is bad juju .
I bet u are havin a ball on the loader I love driving them and excavators, definitely fun to operate!!


The beast had really crappy heat. On that last storm I couldn’t even keep the windows from fogging up. I lined the floor with heat reflective bubble insulation and made a new floor liner. Then I installed this heater box on the floorboard. Talk about a difference! I could get the cab up to 100 if I wanted now lol


Any response to this @PressureCity?


Moved the toolbox back where it was. Took one of the two totes off and mounted the other further back to get some weight off the front axle. Got it all washed up and still hoping we don’t get snow lol


Why u do machine and hoses in driver side?


They are just there till I build the new skid. New skid will be on the other side.

Will have 2 high pressure hose reels, 1 feed reel, 1 softwash reel, 2 8gpm predators, remote softwash and DS.

Then I’m going to mount a permanent 5gpm pump and line where the current predator is mounted. That one will stay year round for gutters.

The yellow softwash line on the drivers side right now sprays liquid de-icer.


Just seen this truck on my way home. Thought it might give you some ideas for the beast


Lol what is that???

I’m building a “pretty” truck.


Schertz your rig is looking incredible. Truly a beast!


Thank you sir! Been a lot of work!


@squidskc I’d love to build an all aluminum skid. You ever welded aluminum?


Nope, but I’m not above figuring it out. I got a bunch of scrap aluminum sheet and small angle.

I’ll text you in a minute


That is a redneck accident waiting to happen


Websites nothing but stolen images and vague about who they are. Lol


That sounds like someone here lol