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You need to be thinking truck build, there’s no way I 'd want to be pulling any sized trailer around DC on a daily basis.


Hi everyone! I’m Jason (friends call me Gunny) and I am a new owner in the industry.
I am located just outside of Asheville NC and serving WNC primarily. I have had some resources and help from Racer (Rick of ProClean) and William Page in the Raleigh area. I have most issues sorted out and am doing well for what is considered a start-up company.
Our website is
We can also be found on FACEBOOK and since I’ve verified now also on GOOGLE.
I’m third generation in the cleaning industry, my grandfather owned Powermount Pressure Washers out of Roanoke Va many years ago, with whom I learned to repair and build systems similar to what most of us use.
I was a Firefighter/EMT for over 24yrs and this is what I’m doing since I retired.
I’m only 48 and don’t collect anything yet so I’m hoping to do well LOL

I have been quietly reading your posts for a while now and finally decided to register and say hi.
Thanks to ALL of you who contribute so much good information!

-Jason (Gunny)


Hey Chris, I was a Rigger in an IA house for quite a while, so I know how production policy and processes work… I hope you get back to what you love, and I hope you’re successful in your cleaning !

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I wouldn’t say I’ve “LOVED” it in quite some time, if ever, if I’m honestly looking back with hindsight. But it’s decent money when it is, and it’s currently my method of acquiring healthcare for my family, so I have the sunk cost of continuing to earn healthcare coverage into retirement.

Priorities change over time that’s for sure, and the tolerance for the unique film-biz malarkey and BS also diminishes quickly. At least as a Rigger you’re not on set as much with all the schizophrenic personas.

Hi friend


Well hey there! Thanks for saying hi!

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Post some pics of the equipment you got from me and make the 4gpm guys jealous :slight_smile:


Welcome. About time, lol

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No sir I do not. Thanks for that. Not sure about all the nuance that goes into the different rigs folks build, but no thanks to pulling a trailer around Georgetown.

My name is Horatio ,I’m from north east .currently an owner /operator of an exterior cleaning company for 2 yrs now , Lokiing to keep moving the business forward ,I can see the potential it has .

racer and ibs hooked you up before you came on here? You are good to go then.

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Hey everyone! Just thought I’d introduce myself. I offer pressure washing services in Tuscaloosa Alabama. Check out my site at [link removed]

Are you open to constructive criticism (website)?
First question: Why “welcome to Affordable Towing” at the top of your website main page? Do you also offer a towing service?

This is a referral site - see this Disclaimer | Affordable Pressure Washing Tuscaloosa

Probably sends someone to Angie or somewhere

They’re just looking for backlinks probably

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There’s a reason I have a strict “nothing inside the beltway” rule…on the rare occasion we even go up that way. You pretty much start where we leave off up north there. Welcome!

Not sure if I’m posting in the right spot. but hello everyone my name is JD and I’m in Waco Texas. Been married for 15 years to my wife Emma have two children, Abigail and Noah 10&7. When I was younger I used to work for a restoration company doing pressure washing. Got paid like a chump but still had fun. Eventually got tired of working there and somehow worked my way up into working for the lottery. been with The lottery for 10 years” and no I don’t know they winning numbers”. I have always wanted to start a business and work for myself But had always pussed out and made up excuses. that was until October of 2018 when they changed. Long story short my son Noah who was two at the time drowned in a pond But was resuscitated. It made me reevaluate my life and it gave me the conviction to do what was necessary to put myself in a financial situation which would allow me to eventually spend more time with my children. Over the years ive slowly accumulated equipment ,obsessively watched videos and have finally build the confidence to step out on my own.
Actually I plan on using my retailer connections that I have established over the years working for the lottery as potential clientele. Anyways I look forward to getting to know all of you and I am humbly here to learn.


Welcome JD! Great place to learn……you found the right forum. Enjoy the wealth of knowledge and give some too. Glad your here, take care.

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Just tell us the numbers so we can all quit our jobs. We’ll send you pizza.

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Hell if if I only had a dollar for every time someone asked me that, then i could buy a few pizzas lol. I wish i knew the numbers, especially when it’s got over a billion a few times

Names Ross from Arkansas here. Completely new to this but trying to start this as a side business to help my family finances. Bought a 4gm machine and a surface cleaner. Reading all the info I can while I try and put my trailer together. Thought about starting with concrete and move up from there. I will definitely be asking questions and looking for info.