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It seems that way. I wish I can just up and go elsewhere honestly, but I’m pretty anchored down here with family obligations, not to mention the wife will never leave her mother. Haha! We’ve “debated” that already. I’m hoping to find any info on here somewhere about this crappy government regulations in CA. I’ll begin there I guess. Thanks.

I’m wasn’t saying leave, I’m just saying for a one man show I don’t think washing in your state is a viable option

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I’ll see. Don’t know for sure yet. Gotta dig in more. I’m hopeful

Welcome man! Tons of awesome people on here, some funny, some informative :smiley:
I’ve been here a week or two and already met two gents on here, they are local and have been an awesome resource of solid advice!
Good luck to you this year!

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Hey Everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself. I have been a lurker for a few weeks now and decided to join finally. I am in the Denver area, and I’m looking to gain knowledge that I can hopefully use and eventually give back. Thank you to everyone who is so willing to share what they know with those who might not even know what to ask.

Thanks again to everyone and ill see you around!

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Hello everyone,

My name is Brock and I am the owner of Atomic Clean in Warsaw, Missouri. I am here to learn and grow my business and hopefully make some friends. I am currently working on my 18th year with the military and probably wont stop anytime soon, but I want to work in my off time to help support my family a little more. My wife and I have one little girl and are going to have twins this summer! So washing money = diaper money. Ha, I am kind of kidding and probably kind of serious too.
Thank you for having me!

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Welcome Welcome man! Glad to have you here!

Welcome man!
Thank you for your service!! and I’m sure the guys here will help you get a little more then diaper money :slight_smile:
Best of luck to you :slight_smile:

Hey guys my names Erik I’m the owner and lead operator of Conejo Valley Power Washing in So Cal
Officially started August 2022. Residential and Commercial services.


Thank you, sir. I used to do some contracting when I was younger with my dad, we had a small deck building and hydroseeding company. Some of it is coming back to me, but this is a whole new ballgame for me! I look forward to talking with you all.

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Hey everyone, my name is Dalton Ellingburg and I’m from central MS. This is my second year in business and pressure washing is a side gig for me. My full time is is in quality control at Taylor machine works in Louisville, MS. At Taylor we build high capacity and heavy duty forklifts, as well as shipping container handlers among many other versions of material handling equipment. Where I’m from is more rural, considering I’m amongst many smaller towns but an hour or more from three different of my closest cities. My market is a challenge to attack, but I’m slowly learning the ins and outs of the industry thanks to this forum among many other resources. I look forward to growing in this industry and constantly learning more as well as building relationships.


Good morning all. My names Todd and I like many of you are also getting into this business to make some coin. I am based out of Pasco County Florida. I am currently just learning as much as I can before reaching out to paying customers. I purchased a rig from someone in the area who was making a larger one. It is driven by an air compressor and a diaphram pump. I have a 10 gallon water tank with a Hudson valve that pulls directly from the house. Then I have a 100 gallon sh tank. I can pull only water, or turn a valve and pull both sh and water through a diverter. I am still trying to figure out my ratio. I usually leave the setting for water on the one the guy who I bought it from recommended, but I feel it’s still a hot mix. I have done a few roofs, some aluminum Florida rooms and a few patios. Just learning as much as I can. Just recently messed up some wood siding lol but as I said all the work I am currently doing is pro bono until I am confident. Appreciate all the knowledge I have Ben reading. Even the ones with poor attitudes lol


Hey guys I’m Dan. Just starting out. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and seaching and starting to try and learn more things. Im in Jacksonville Florida. Starting with a little trailer, Ryobi pressure washer and surface cleaner, and small pump sprayers. Im always up to learn more.

Mid November typically. I built myself an insulated box I can throw over all the sensitive equipment, and I put a little space heater in there if it’s dropping below 30° overnight (sorry, -1° C :wink:)

Greetings everyone, I’m Chris.

I’m a veteran freelance film crew technician, a IA600 Camera union member for 20 years, who at the time of this post, is suffering through the worst drought of my career. The pandemic, ‘Hollywood’s’ horrific response to it (complete shutdown for 6 mos, and then horrendous over-reactionary policies that JUST SUNSET this May 3+ years later), coupled with rampant discrimination, the streaming production bubble burst, and now the Writer’s Strike, I’m looking at Pressure Washing as my preferred side hustle, that I intend to scale to a one-man operation with subcontractors if/when the film stuff “comes back,” whatever that means. (My thinking is that I know several other freelance film crew techs who would love the side-hustle for a few hundred bucks a day between gigs as well.

Right now I’m trying to learn as much as possible, I purchased Felps’ book, joined this forum, FB pages, and looking for recommendations for formalized in-person training as well. I do well where I can see demonstrations and ask detailed questions. I look forward to participating in this forum especially. Just today I did my first paying job for a neighbor, with a consumer Troy-Bilt 2.3GPM pressure washer I borrowed from our church. It certainly took me quite a while to clean their driveway and walkway, but they were very happy. I have another larger flat work job next week for another neighbor.

I’m going to be piecing together some accessories but one area I’m interested in, and I have to do some searching and further research, is building a ‘portable’ skid, or mobile skid, a cart-based setup, with a small buffer and chem tank. I’d like to if possible start off with a machine in the 5GPM / 3k PSI range, and coming from the film industry, pushing around heavy carts is nothing new, though if I build it, it WILL have to add some sort of electric assist for the weight, which is also common in the film biz. I’ve seen some electric wheelbarrows that I could potentially cannibalize/modify.

Regardless, I tend to be long winded so I’ll wrap it up here. I’m located in Fayette Co, GA, and I’m looking forward to interactions on this forum.

Good luck with you washing future. For that next job you should consider renting a 4 gal machine with a surface cleaner and try to add more jobs to the day. Flat work is painfully slow with the machine youre using now. The extra job should more than cover the rental fee and youll get some experience with somewhat professional equipment as well as doing better work

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Thank you. I don’t disagree, but finances are extremely tight at the moment, and our fridge just died so we’re scrambling to replace it as the most pressing priority. I’ll have to deal with the minimalist setup for at least this next one, but than you for your feedback. I’m sure some rentals are likely in my future.

Hi everyone. My name is Mike and I just started a pressure washing business in Southern Delaware. I’ve been reading on here for at least 6 months already and have learned a bunch already. I hope to learn even more.

Been bystanding since May ‘22 - did phone sales for Angi Leads/HomeAdvisor until one of my clients did a reverse sell on softwashing. Made the switch, and I enjoy the sales that come with this business much more.

I’m in the greater DC area, currently covering Southwest Maryland and Fairfax counties. Started off with a box store 2.3/3400 which has done well aside from a new pump manifold ( don’t downstream through the pump’s injector ). Got my first couple of jobs and performed them with a pump sprayer, 60 second cleaner on a garden hose, and the default nozzles.SMDH

Know most of the UHAUL folks at this point. PWRA has been a Godsend.

I’ve only used HomeAdvisor for leads. The population and demographics of this area have allowed for it and were a big factor in my choosing to start up the company. It’s been great, and I’ll continue to use it in conjunction with other methods of marketing: SEO, web/social presence, flyers, door-knockers, cards, etc.

In addition, it’s getting to be time to upgrade to a 4 gpm. Gotta support the new 16” ultra clean. Stoked about that. Going to keep using UHAUL a little while longer, otherwise I’d get a buffer tank and 5.5. Truck/trailer is still a little way’s out, hopefully end of the summer.

This is a little bit of a message in a bottle to myself in the future, but if you’re new and reading this, take advantage of the experience freely given on here. It has been and continues to be an adventure.