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Thank you for the warm welcome! I read the book Pressure Washing 101 Guide by Heath Felps, he mentioned this website a few times. After looking on this website for 20 minutes I can see there is an incredible amount of information on here! I’m very excited to be here
I know everyone recommends a 16in for that size of washer, but I’m prepared when I go to a 8gpm setup :smiley: I have the right nozzle tips in it rated for my current washer and I do figure 8s when I wash, no streaking and looks great, seems pretty quick :). I never seen a 8gpm in action before to know how slow mine is lol
If its a really nasty drive I’ll pre or post treat it

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8 ÷ 4 = 2…an 8 will be essentially twice as fast on anything spraying water, it’s putting out twice the water. Essentially, figure the amount of time on a job, and however much of that you’re on the trigger, subtract half.

LOL, Make that 50% and you’ll be close. But you can make a lot of money with what you have. Surface cleaning is the biggest difference. For the average little drive, you’ll be fine. Welcome to the forum.


IDK, worst we had was a 5.5, and I don’t think I ever sprayed with it. My fastest guy has been using it for years and could outperform almost everyone else by 50% with it (they had 8s). I just gave him an 8 with a FlowPro over the weekend, can’t wait to see this :rofl:

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Good luck

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Hi all,

I’m a burnt out corporate guy in tech that is looking for an escape. I’m interested in starting a small pressure washing biz and hiring out some contractors to help make it work.

I’d love to talk to someone about your playback and learnings. I basically want to save time/money by learning from other people’s mistakes before I get started.

Most interested in learning about:

  • hiring process (contractors vs. full time)
  • how/where you train people, or do you only hire experienced?
  • liability
  • marketing

Honestly I just really need a win badly in my life at this point. If anyone is willing to mentor or help i’d be forever grateful.

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Greetings gang!

I’m not a pressure washer, but I’m a content writer that has written many blog posts and articles about pressure washing as well as other contractor services. In other words, I dabble in the marketing side of the biz. Over the years, I’ve gleaned a lot of helpful information from this website, and I always found the community members here mostly positive and helpful toward one another.

Thanks for letting me take up some space around here. I hope 2023 is kind to all of you, and I look forward to future chit-chats.


Almost everything you need to know is on here, just use that handy search function and search search search lol I’ve been reading this forum for 2 years before I ever even made an account :smiley:

Just read this after my first post. My apologies.

I just started my own Pressure Washing business last year and I’m finishing up my first trailer build. Getting ready for the 2023 season

Looking forward to connecting and meeting other individuals in this industry, and looking forward to meet other washers in the Pacific Northwest.

-Evan @ Spirit PW


Welcome, Evan. There are a handful of washers in your area that frequent this place so I’m sure they’ll crop up in time. Show us some more pictures of your build if you will. I see you have the reels on gliders. Pretty cool idea. I had one like that on my trailer for a while, too.

Welcome! Im a little further north than you, but a lot of the same issues i would think. This is a great resource full of helpful people.


I mean it’s not THAT far away and the weather is similar :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m more curious what a COVID-19 checkpoint is…

LOL! I didnt even notice that until you mentioned it

Hi everyone, I am Bryan. I am 39 years old, and I live in Northeast Pennsylvania, a town called Bethlehem. I am a journeyman Sprinkler fitter, as well as a pretty good Plumber. I work on lots of drain lines whether it’s troubleshooting, unclogging them or excavating an entire drain line run and repairing or replacing the entire line. I have a few 8GPM @ 3500 PSI Jetter’s /Pressure washers. I have a Honda GX690 Engine as well as a, Vanguard 24hp Engine. I have AR pumps; one is belt drive and the other is a Gear drive unit. I have learned quite a few things on this forum so I figured this would be the time to introduce myself because i have a problem that I can’t solve, and I am sure that some of you more experienced people on here can. I don’t know if I should ask here or some other section of the forum? So, I will wait till I get the green light to post here or elsewhere.

Best Regards,

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Go ahead and ask away right hear. Or, find the topic that you think it might be under and post there. Welcome

Hey everyone. Just want to introduce myself and I’m excited to learn from you all here. My nickname’s Santos, 45 yrs old, and I live in Southern California in a small town inland named Grand Terrace. I’m not yet in the industry, but I have been trying to do my research on it, because I don’t remember exactly When it hit me that I really find it interesting, and I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before! I’ve been trucking for a few years now, and recently had to quit working altogether when my baby girl started having mental health problems out of nowhere at age 17. She could Not be left alone for a second, the poor thing, being a danger to herself. My wife, working from home for a good healthcare company, and makes a whole lot more than I, plus insurance benefits that no other job could provide us- made sense that I stay home and fully care for my daughter until we get her back on her feet and thriving again. And to be honest, I cannot be operating an 80, 000 lb machine out there with my entire mind on my daughter’s health situation. We’ll it’s during these last 10 months, (worst season of our life now) , that I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make a trade change into something that will allow me to be my own boss, where I can work as much as I want, and be able to work around my baby’s schedule in case I’m needed and just be there for her, and my family. Something I wasn’t able to do as a trucker. SO here I am trying to get learned on this trade the best I can, and start something of my own. Now that my daughter is doing so much better and recovering quite well, (And our savings have dwindled to near nothing), I am now planning it out and gathering information to start building my own starter setup and get going. Looking forward to this!

CA is not the state to start a business that uses small engines. Most vendors will not ship products to CA.