Good place to be, 37deg here at 12 o’clock

A balmy 38 degrees up here at 0845 :joy:

We skipped church and went to waffle house. I had to put down one of our bunnies this morning. She had been with us 13 years. That’s a long time for a rabbit and she was my personal favorite.

That’s a real long time.

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You’re a 1000 miles north of us and warmer. Something not right with that. Supposed to get up towards 80 by end of week thankfully. I’m way behind on my spring tan, lol.

Rain is finally washing the snow away. By the time I get that box truck up here early April I’ll be able to start working. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get hit with one or two more snows before winter gives up the ghost.

I was in Huntsville, Alabama over the weekend for a wedding at it was no better! Back in Lexington, SC as of this afternoon but headed up your way tomorrow morning. Starting another thru hike of the Foothills Trail with some family friends out of Travelers Rest. A very chilly morning on tap for tomorrow as well as several of the nights this upcoming week! But the week I come back I’m loaded up with washes so I’m hoping it warms up quite a bit!

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8 GPM guys! No update on %?? :thinking::face_with_monocle:

Hold tight. Weather here has been crappy. It’s gonna clear up tomorrow and I’m hoping to do some testing after we’re done washing.


That’s because the guy that tests everything hasn’t gotten his.

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Burnt myself out from looking at all the engineering plastics. Hired on a plastics engineer to solve it. Should be next week on beefed up seals

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My seal is still good. Tested the injector on the Schertz box, worked good. Still haven’t used it to clean anything though lol… whenever we get new seals though I’m happy to keep it as the replacement.

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Everyone will get replacements regardless if they need one or not. The fact that there was one issue is reason enough to improve upon it. Personally I’d pitch the old version asap and run the updated seal but that’s just me.

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New seals are BEEFY! I challenge @Innocentbystander to destroy it. Went with three changes in the design, I will have them this coming Monday.


Come on man, don’t make me a bad guy lol I’m looking forward to them. I have about 25 tennis courts to do before May 1st. I’m looking forward to using your injector instead of the xjet

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No seriously, I hope you can beat on them and prove their value.

That’s what I’m talking about! I’m my own worst critic with these Gadgets so I get obsessed in the mechanical aspects of it all and often forget about all the work they are going to get done.

me no likey wafflehouse, its subpar, but not horrible.

Did i miss someone post the 8 GPM pull ratio?


Yes, patiently waiting.