Ooh I like that color. It matches my OBS. I’m sure it’s something fancy that I’ve never heard of but to me it looks like any old air compressor lol

I just gotta say that I love how you’ve gone along with all the thread derailment on your own thread introducing your awesome new gadgets. It gives me the warm and fuzzies :grin:

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Soon young Padawan. I’m hoping to tinker some tomorrow but I’ve got some rat killing to do that takes precedence. If not tomorrow then Monday.

I have always called them line wrenches

2 to 1 huh In my defense I call them line wrenches when I’m pulling a brake caliper off and flare nut wrenches when I’m using them on ummm FLARE NUTS but don’t mind me I’ll just go eat my popcorn over in the corner

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I have called them the O2 sensor wrench until I just gave up on that and put a piece of black tape on the dash of all my 5.4’s so I don’t have to look at the light


Yup sometimes it comes to that or run a drill bit through it :+1:

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Hook them up in series like those multipl 12v systems and you’ve theoretically got 191.4cfm :crazy_face:

I’m good on air at this point most are just turned on and off from time to time so I can listen to them

What do they say?


I wanted to trailer mount two of them with GX390’s to run a big AODD pump but too many projects always got in the way. Run them non stop on the road just to say hey to guys that are in the know

Nothing but I do my best thinking listening to air moving

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I’d say you could just listen to the whistling through your ears (one of them jokes that writes itself)…but you clearly have way too many things bouncing around in that head of yours to get any whistling noises, lol

Speaking of which I’ve been side tracked with my thoughts all day I forgot to eat today! Better get over to my favorite 24hr barbecue joint over in Dallas

everyone else here is thinking “Waffle House”… :joy:


I was Vegan for years, just trying to make up for lost time lol

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Happy belated St Paddy’s day!

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My current situation



Similar to mine…except the counter that my coffee is sitting on looks suspiciously like my desk :frowning: