@KDAL_Tex Are you working tonight? If you are let me commendear your 8 for a quick little test to show these guys they need to quit lolly gaggin and pull the trigger on these bad boys lol

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I showed the times and numbers in my post the day I got them. Yeah just need to do some simple math :joy:

So just around 2% with your setup?
8 GPM on 200 FT of 3/8 hose?

built this one


250 ft of hose and it may be simple math but I don’t care to know what the percentage is lol

I’ll report my test results in the morning. I’m still wrapping up a few things on the trailer build in between doing jobs and fighting the weather so it’s been hectic but I’ve blocked off tomorrow to finish as much of the build as I can and do the draw test so hang tight for a other 18 hours boys.

Or do the math from @Innocentbystander’s test results lol


So I did some ‘math’ from William’s video. If he’s drawing 38-ish oz per minute with an 8gpm machine that puts it about 1gal SH per 30 gallons water.

I’m no math whiz but that sounds super diluted to me.

Yeah don’t do that! Plenty of guys with 8 gpm machines purchased the injector. All anyone of them needs to do is use a one gallon container for the injector to pull “chemical” from. Spray into a 15-30 gallon drum or any container that you can’t fill in a minute to measure. After you empty the 1 gal chemical container stop. The amount of gallons you end up with in the large container, lets say 10 gallons total would mean you have 9 gallons of water and 1 gallon of chemical so that’s a 9:1 ratio. This method allows you to see the dilution ratio without needing to know EXACTLY what your flow is. Your flow could be affected by numerous things! For instance you’ve worn a sheave and you’ve been slipping belts shaving rpms off your pump. The list goes on and on… just spray it in a barrel. We’re not testing flow here to then calculate into a ratio, we’re testing the ratio of what to what


You don’t have to spray into a container, just know how much your machine puts out in a minute. Spray into the yard for all it matters.

For the sake of accuracy its actually best to measure into a container. There are numerous factors that could significantly change the rpm ± of the pump effecting its output flow.

Alright boys and girls! I apologize for the delay but I was able to run a few tests today and came up with the following results. I did video two of the three tests and I’m currently waiting on those videos to upload to YouTube then I’ll link them here. My internet is atrocious due to where I live so it may even be tomorrow before they upload.

All tests were conducted on an 8.5gpm machine running through the same reel with 200’ of hose with a ball valve at the end. I conducted two tests on the new PW Gadgets .083 DSI that our very own @dperez engineered. The only difference between the two tests was one run had a DSI bypass installed and the other did not. This turned out to be inconsequential as I got the exact same ratio on both tests.


I used a one gallon “soap” container to downstream out of. I had approximately six feet of 1/4" hose running from the soap tank to the injector. I downstreamed into a twenty gallon carboy. The PW Gadgets DSI achieved a 13:1 ratio on both tests. Using a baseline of 12% SH this equates to a 1.2% mixture at the gun. Very impressive for an 8gpm!

I conducted the exact same test with the standard GP High Draw 2.1 DSI that I’ve been running for years and that injector achieved an 18:1 ratio. This equates to a .7% mixture at the gun. This is sufficient for washing vinyl siding but has always required multiple passes on really dirty siding and especially on gutters. I’ve always had to brush gutters and that may now become a rarity. Super exciting stuff, folks!


Putting that work in, it’s very much appreciated. Thank you!

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My pleasure amigo! You don’t even know what you’ve just unleashed. Better get the next batch in the triple digits at minimum.


All for you?? Alright you got it, I’ll invoice you tonight :laughing:

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Shoot these things are so nice I’m gonna grab a few just to look at in the garage lol

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Yes, finally!

I want one.


Is your math right on that? I’m terrible with math but think at that ratio it would be a little under 1 percent. Could be lack of sleep as well


Me thinks the lad is correct… :thinking:

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I, too, am admittedly terrible at math and it is entirely possible that I made a mistake in the calculation. I’m also exhausted so give me some time to eat dinner and redo the math.

Get two and treat yourself amigo

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