I got a few injectors shipped in from machining. They still need two more design changes and then I can finally put them to rest. I started on my very own injector back in March for use on a custom two step gun I’m bringing to market. They just needed a few slight modifications to work for you guys!

I just wanted to double check my math with you guys and see if I’m right on this dilution ratio they are pulling.

4.75 gpm machine pulling in 81 ounces of chem

I arrived at 7.5:1

Open flow through 100’ hose on a 8’ chem line


If you ran it for a minute (or however long) and ended up with 4.75 gallons of water plus 81 ounces of chem, then you’re spot on with the ratio.

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How inconvenient would it be to shut off your chem each time you shut down your machine via an inline ball valve? My design eliminates the spring that becomes problematic. Easiest to just put the injector on a remote :wink:

That pic has a reflection of the threads that makes it look like there’s a spring next to it.

Any chance you could make one for an 8gpm?

You are absolutely right, it is just a reflection! This particular injector will compliment a .083" (2.1mm) sized nozzle. @Innocentbystander will be running THIS injector on his 8gpm machines so you could too

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I’d love to show you the machining that was done to be able to ditch the use of a spring but I’ll have to wait a bit

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Awesome, William gets to be the guinea pig!

Don’t post your blueprints online, China will make it for $10.


Thank you for looking out. I think I’ll be safe because if they could make them over there they already would. You know GP is manufacturing parts in the Unites States AND China. Anything from Italy is actually Interpump. GP’s t-strainers and quick connect sockets/plugs are China made but yet their injectors are made here in the States. I can only assume it’s due to the skill level needed to make them. I’m sure China would have to charge them a lot more to produce them to very high standards and at that point they should just make them here. I looked at several injectors and noticed a fair bit of inconsistency in each of their manufacturing process. Have you ever tried an injector that didn’t pull like the last one even though they were identical? Several injectors I looked at fell out of their own tolerances. Well that was one of the duds you got. These injectors were CNC machined and THEN turned on a lathe for consistency! They are going to hold a very tight tolerance so they ALL work well for as long as they possibly can before they fall out of tolerance.

I always get the coolest stuff :slight_smile:

You’re going to want to trade out those remotes for mine when I start cranking them out

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Wait, I think this injector might be a loss leader. First I get cool barbs from you, then a shiny new injector. Now I find out it’s to replace 7 or 8 Shertz boxes. I’ll have to start washing trucks to pay for everything :slight_smile:


You got time to save up :wink:

Is that the bleach rated reel ? How do you like it? Anything differently than the other reels?

It’s not for sale yet. It is bleach rated with a monthly multi year warranty.

I take that back, I think it is for sale now. I’ve been a little slow getting it mounted and giving feed back on it. Deer season got in the way

What’s so special about it?

I use some NZ made manual reels that @MuscleMyHustle recommended and they’re great but getting quite expensive now

Not at liberty to say right now, but these are made by Bob, not farmed out to someone else.


So theoretically your injector could pull enough SH to wash say a roof or jobs that require a little more chem. ,Eliminating a 12v or XJET ?

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Man, I washed trucks 20 years ago. That was for the birds lol. Nights, weekends, snow, deer season, red mud on all my hoses. You rubber scrubbers don’t have to worry about me getting in the game again.