My Newest Toy - Should Have Bought One Sooner

I started to post this in the Game changer thread. But it pales in comparison to some of the items. Bought this last weekend just to have around for miscellaneous stuff but have been amazed at what I’ve done with it this week. Some of you are going to laugh.


Neat contraption, not bad for 69.00. Hope you got .25 sqft for that driveway :wink: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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LOL, I wish. Did house too, so only got my measly pittance, lol.

Somebody posted on here a few days back about using one of those for house washing.

I think you’ve found a much more suitable use for it, Rick.

Better be a one story unless a lot stronger than this one, lol.

Imagine the area you could cover if you paired it with this

12V Battery Operated Ride On Jeep


Can I get the mini Hum Vee instead of the Yeep?

curious, have you put any hydroxides through it or acids? I know in your video you mentioned a bad pad, but you didn’t specify what chem. I was thinking this might be ok for for stripping, in case I need more than 2-4 gallons, I could mix a batch up in the bucket instead.

How long does a battery last? In case a deck would need multiple applications of stripper.

Odd, I pictured you as an rv guy


Lol I grew up poor and my brother and I had a Barbie Jeep that didn’t have a battery so our uncle made a harness for my grandma’s pet pig Roscoe to pull us around. True story.


My sister and I had pet pigs named George and Mary. Dad hit them on the head with a sledge hammer one cold December morning and that afternoon I sat at Granny’s table turning the sausage grinder while she fried up fresh side meat for supper. True story :slight_smile:

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Lol well a man’s gotta eat! The coyotes got Roscoe one evening when Nana let him out before bed. Poppy killed a couple of them the next night and hung them on the barbed wire fence and let them soak in the Texas heat for a while. Rotten ba$tards.

Me and Poppy. That fence behind us is where those coyotes hung.


Okay, derailing over. Sorry Rick lol

Back on topic, I’d like to know the same as @Dirtyboy. Would be a slick little two step gun for washing the trailer if it can handle the acid.

@Racer i really want to see that flashy rain suit you’re wearing. Have the wife take a full body pic. #flashy :star_struck::sunglasses:


I was looking at another brand 2 years ago for the exact same thing. I use a pump sprayer on every house. That would make it a lot quicker. My concern was sh ruining it. Do you rinse it out after every use?

I’ve got a Weber grill just like that in your pic. Probably have had from about the time the pic was made. Still looks and works great.

@Racer Rick, to further derail the thread, I thought you pulled a trailer? Are you only working out of your truck bed now? Just curious.

Cool tool! It’s good to have those things for those little jobs where the big equipment takes too much time.

They sell an accessory kit for it just for shooting bleach and other stuff, so I guess it’s fine. It has like a 3 year warranty on it.


I still have that grill.

No I’m joking lol