My Newest Toy - Should Have Bought One Sooner

I just got this one. Have a heavy duty one I got from NT, but I like this one better because it actually has a fly in it and better pockets. I’ve been working in the rain and wind so much had to break down and get something besides what I had. Had a huge project I just finished that had about a million steps to do and so I’d be covered with crap every day I had some to do.

Two of many


Is this on the same river that’s on your website?

Y, look at my homepage -the down town night scene - this is it. I purchased that photo to use when I built my site, after going down there a couple of times with my camera and never being able to get a shot I liked. Cleaned pretty much the whole thing. Called River Place. A big, 2+ blocks with garage underneath mixed use development with hotels, condos, 7 restaurants and offices right along the river. Probably one of the most prestigious blocks in Greenville.

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I figured it was. I’d like to stroll around there sometime. Looks like a fun place

You should come visit. That whole area is just flat booming. We’ve got tourists coming here from all over the world. 25 years ago you could have fired a cannon down there and not hit anyone. Was the edge of town and almost slummy. Now it’s the highest priced housing in the SE, basically DC or Chicago prices. Old slum houses, that haven’t been torn down for high rises getting remodeled and sold for 700-800k. Those condos along the River front all over $1myn and they’re building crap in that area like no tomorrow. Just looked. Average selling price $450/ft

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Holy smokes. I may not be able to afford to stroll around down there!

Tell me about it.

Still have the trailer. Don’t use it a whole lot unless I have a real big job or need the gas roof pump.

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I am a flat, out, newbie, and this thing is gonna make my life alot better to start with!! Lawn furniture, garbage bins… thanks for the vudeo!

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@Racer such a beautiful area. I worked the home show one year and just loved that town. What a cool downtown.

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@Racer so I bought the Ryobi EZ Clean today for 800ft of fence. I loved using it to apply sodium percarbonate and then later oxalic. I mean that thing will APPLY some chemical. I used a 5 gallon bucket with it.

I’ve heard others say it didn’t stand up to any SH use at all. Is yours still running strong?

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Yep. But I always run water thru it for a min or so when done with it. They advertise it for disinfectants and cleaning chemicals. It does make jobs like what you’re talking about pretty easy to apply. glad you liked it.

On the warranty, it says

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LOL, that’s funny. That covers everything but water… They sell a chemical attachment kit to spray disinfectants and pesticides. Most 12v pumps say the same.

You be careful now racer, over in California folks are getting cancer from downstream injectors and nozzles. Stay safe.


Thats a good idea Rick! I might get one just for doing wood

I guess it’s basically the same thing as my 12v-in-a-box getup.

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Thanks for the tip Rick I Just got mine! Neat lil tool beats pump sprayers. Is yours still holding up to chemicals??

yep, still going strong. I usually flush it for about 1 min when I’m done with it


I put the gas roof pump on the truck and use it every day. Two guys (me and my tech) and two machines that get it done quick! Btw, I fell in love with the gp wash down gun. Can go from cone to stream one handed and the coolest thing is for sensitive areas you can literally just barely squeeze the trigger and spray like 0.5gpm along edges for precision work and make product last real long!