My build and introduction


@Mjmurphy I wish. That’s my neighbors Baja. That things bad. I go riding with him up in Ocala national forest couple hours north of us. He had a sand rail too but sold it recently.


when I was like 13 my neighbor had one , his dad built them for a place called fischer buggies in Tampa.


Yea I’ve heard of fisher. Buggies are a lot of fun.


good times


Are you located in palmetto?


No I’m located in Lakeland. Palmetto is just something I came up with. Sounded Florida-y to me. Your somewhere around Tampa right?


I’m in New Port Richey. I was going to a say your in a great market area Sarasota and manatee county are great. I’m not a fan at all of Polk I know it’s growing but it’s still a tough county for pressure washing. I would focus your efforts on new Tampa and Wesley Chapel. Probably the closest good markets to you that I’m aware of .


I’m in west central Pinellas, heavily saturated market that’s why I stay quiet…lol


I’m headed down to Bradenton sometime in next couple of months. Going to coming by to check some of you guys out.


Heavily saturated means strong demand. I like seeing lots of rigs . Tells me I’m in the right place . I was working off bay way isle Tuesday. Lots of money down there


true but that brings out a lot of the $79 guys


reminds me of the old Earl Shrives commercials


I’ll be working in Venice most of February. What part of Bradenton the beaches?


i’ll clean any house $29.99


Let’s not start $79 house wash conversation again


@florida_condo_cleani thanks for the heads up. Wesley chapel is maybe an hour from me. Wouldn’t be a bad drive for some good opportunities.
@Racer hey I would love to meet up and shoot the breeze.
Also @florida_condo_cleani If you ever need any help let me know. Youre a decent drive from me but would be worth it for some learning.


lol… just quoting Earl Scheibs auto painting


Will do I’m in east Tampa area usually once or twice a week.


That’s about 20 miles south. The west side, lol. Bradenton beach, holmes beach. Bradenton a nice area. Lot of nice new neighborhoods going in east of I-75. Nice beaches, good restaurants, etc. I’ve been down there twice on business past 18 months. Carrying wife down for a week or so to just scope out the market. She’s not a big Fl fan, though she likes the beach. She likes the mountains as I do, but I like it down there too. Thinking possibly Winter down there at some point. But I’d be bored fishing everyday, I love working, so thinking I could possibly set up operation down there. By time I get it put together, maybe I’ll have @Grizz trained up enough not to piss off any of my customers he’d have to take care of up here if I was gone, lol.


10-4 that would be great, thanks.