My build and introduction


Your customers love watching me work.


Ha, I’d love watching you do some work too, lol.

You left yourself wide open on that one.


Got my reels installed today! Oughta save me 30 mins after a job not having to hand roll up my hoses.


Keep it up and remember it takes money to make money. Invest as much as you can swing into building your company. When I started out it was me against the world. My wife, parents, and in-laws were up my ■■■ trying to make me get a real job and thought I was crazy for spending so much on marketing and equipment. Now I make 6 times my wife’s government salary and Can’t help but rub in my father-in-laws face anytime I get a chance. He was my biggest critic and gave me hell in the early years. The most important thing you should work on since you have equipment that can temporarily get the job done is a website, pay per click ads, then maybe upgrade your equipment. When spring gets here if you have a decent online presence you can make enough to buy an 8gpm machine in a week or two. Don’t get discouraged during the winter. Winter sucks for everyone. I have enough commercial contracts to still stay busy during the winter but it still sucks. If you keep learning and investing the right way you will make enough during the summer to not break a sweat during the winter even if you go months without working. I’ve been at it for 7 years professionally and the first 5 I struggled through the winter but now I could take off a year without getting in a bind. Keep your mind on your goal and always strive to be a PROFESSIONAL. I can’t tell you how important that was to me. All I could think about was becoming a professional company. First think about looking professional online so people will contact you and then upgrade everything else. It doesn’t matter how good your equipment is if your phone isn’t ringing.


The general pump reel will be leaking within a month, no way to fix it. I’d use that one to hold your garden hose and the reel on the right for pressure hose.

I went through 4 of them before I learned my lesson


Thank you @HydroPlus. Making enough to buy an 8 GPM unit in a couple weeks would be great! I know winter is the worst time and I’m ok with that, I’m using this time to get some practice and educate myself to be ready for spring.

@Patriotspwashing thank you for the heads up. This reel actually came with the pressure washer. Along with the pressure hose. Both brand new in the box. I figured it’s cheap so I actually didn’t even plumb it, it’s just holding the hose. New reels are on my “to buy” list and these will both be upgraded shortly and the big reel on the right will hold my supply hose. For now it will hold the 12V hose.

When I bought my pressure washer I got the PW, 100’ of hose (brand new), 50’ of used hose, 2 reels (one brand new and one very used, I painted it is why it looks decent) and a 125 gallon tank. All for $400.


Great job for moving forward and making moves. Just a suggestion, get those reels up off the deck at your earliest convenience. Trying to crank the hoses on under the rail is gonna kill your back, bang your forearms and knuckles, etc.


Thanks man. I went to mount them up top and didn’t want to drill holes in this trailer. This is kind of temporary but if I don’t upgrade after this season I will make it more permanent. I’m hoping to kill it this first year. Not to pocket a bunch of money. But to invest it back into the company. Upgrade to tandem axle trailer with 8 GPM unit. Then I’ll be set. I got this stuff cheap enough that I can make a profit quick. I have $2000 in everything so it will be a quick turnaround.


Did a bunch of work on the trailer today. Got a toolbox mounted and filled up already, mounted a hook for my supply hoses (for now) and got everything else pretty organized. Water tank is where it will be in picture, but not mounted yet. Next weekend will be for mounting the tank and installing new trailer lights and wiring. Also got my stickers on my truck. It’s all coming together! Little by little. Should have a big sign for trailer by next weekend too.


Looks good…it was mentioned earlier…get those hose reels above the rails of the trailer…not sure how you’re reeling up your hoses now but it has to be uncomfortable.


Thanks @Barry1 they are not too bad actually how I have them, but yes I will be lifting them. Trying not to drill this trailer up too much because I want to upgrade but I drilled it today to hang hoses so I guess that’s out the window. I will probably be building a rack soon for reels and buying some reels for supply hoses also.


Here’s my new addition. I talked to my welder last night. Going to be getting my rack built and getting this bad boy on it! Can’t wait! image


Got my hose reel racks put on. Couldn’t have done it without my little helper!


Looking good. I started working out of the back of a Jeep Grand Cherokee lol so you’re already ahead of where I was. God it’s embarrassing just thinking how I started.


Thank you @HydroPlus. You had to start somewhere and look at you now! That’s all that matters. I’ll have some more pictures after this weekend of my new (used) toy I’m pretty excited about.


This is my first year too. You should have seen what i was going to do before i found this forum 🤦. Luckily rick and some guys on here helped me understand alot of things and i saved up. Just bought things here and there over the winter to be ready for this year.


My grandparents on both sides of my family are talking junk too and still are. I wouldnt mind doing a little rubbing to if i do as good as you did lol.