My build and introduction


Likely you have the 66dx, seals may be the same for the 3versions of that pump. Ive yet to rebuild completely, but Im under the impression the inner piston oil seals are a pain.


You set the unloader right. Bucket test is done with red tip also. Air cooled motors need to run WOT


10-4. I will try the bucket test again.


I bought a new unloader. Installed it
Today. Worked great. That was my problem. Washed my driveway, gonna post treat it tomorrow. Ran out of day light with other stuff I had to do today. I still need to take my pump apart and measure plungers so I can figure out what model it is and order a rebuild kit.


Not 66dx as i mentioned. Probably the 5PP3140.


@Redjess thanks. I don’t think it’s that one either. Notice the cap is different and the bolts on the face of the manifold. I’m thinking it’s the 60G1. But the guy at cat pump said the only way to be for sure is to measure the plungers. So that’s my next step.


Hope you get it figured out… maybe just me, but that crazy there isnt a way to ID pump than to measure plungers.


Measuring the plungers isn’t going to help. Lots of pumps use the same plungers


I called cat pump technical support and he told me to measure the plunger and depending on the size I may have to get a number off of the crankshaft. Do you have any other ideas?


Why go though all that just do a bucket test with a psi gauge attached and you have the TRUE info you need. Run that pump to the grave and get your money’s worth out of it then replace it with a better pump like a udor.


Yes would love to replace it with an udor eventually. But I’m not trying to go through all this just to know the specs. The reason I’m doing it is to get a seal kit for it since it’s leaking water into the oil.


Local PW supplier I talked with cringed when I said my pump is a 4gpm Cat. He said rebuilding it costs almost as much as a new one due to the design. He highly recommended General pumps for the ease of rebuilding.


Drain the case. Pull the head, if plungers aren’t cracked, top of oil bath cup with oil and try it again. Some CAT pumps have to be oiled every month with a couple of drops of they allow water to leak thru. Seal kit , check valves and every thing to rebuild outs going to be a couple hundred bucks on a pump that is worth $50. If you plan to make a living with it, start with a good one, or at least a new cheap one


Will do. Thank you.
@dcbrock thanks for the info. I reckon I will be looking around then.


Well everything is running good. I’ve done a few jobs now. Drained the oil and it’s doing better. Slowly getting watery again so I know I’ll be due for a new pump soon if I don’t just replace the whole unit for a bigger one. 12V is running great. I’ve cleaned three driveways and at two if them I did the house wash as well. Definitely need to get these hoses on a reel! That’s a necessity!! But, I’m slowly getting the hang of it. Thank y’all for the help! Here’s some photos.


If your slowly get water mixing with the oil you probably have a crack in the piston. They are very small and can be hard to find. I usually just replace all 3 when it happens. There not expensive. Also might as well repack it while you have the head off . Also cheap


Thanks for that @florida_condo_cleani I’ll check into it. Other than that everythings running great!


I got a Udor pump I’ll sell you!

Direct Drive 5gpm at 3500

The reason I pulled it, was because I was going to put a gear drive and it wasen’t compatible for gear drive so I had to buy an entire new udor pump made for a gear drive set up


I’ll hold off for now thank you. Mines gear drive so I’ll be wanting to replace it with another gear drive.


Is that your baja bug?