Is There an Effective Way to Clean This Aggregate with River Rock?


Yes, plus you dont have to hold the trigger the whole time. Do you have a ball valve on your hose?


Sparkles a ball valve is added weight. You’re doing good with out it. Lots of stress on the unloader. Use tools for what they were designed for and your equipment and your insurance agent will like you for it ball valves are designed to be open or closed. They do not shut off when dropped…


Pretty much but most of the time I just hook my jrod into my gun and use the low pressure 15 or 25 degree tip.


Well, the xjet allows me to adjust the stream on the run. When I find a stubborn spot I dial down the fan and eliminate the persistent area or colony of whatever tiny creatures survived the surface cleaner. Then I adjust the fan to whatever pattern best suits the depth of sand and dirt that were left behind by the Hammerhead.


Just so you are aware, you can also remove stubborn spots with a ball valve. You just have to hold it down near the concrete, and it will clean them.

Here’s a couple of guys rinsing with ball valve:


I would like this post but I don’t wana get yelled at again. Good videos to encourage the use of the ball valve.


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Oh, BTW thanks for the vids! AND, a ball valve is definitely on my imporant but not vital list to be sure. I’m working on a $500 job that required me to buy a $259 ladder, and that’s how things will probably go for me until I accumulate the tools I need.


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