Is There an Effective Way to Clean This Aggregate with River Rock?


Freezing my cheeks off, watching a gang of does and not a single buck for 4 days… not a thing else.


Hmmm. Disappointed no doubt. Just read some of Buzzs posts to lighten your spirit. AND, have a good week HA is keeping me busy,Did you EVER get your free leads for the referral?


No, but we started the townhomes today. I’ll have nothing but time after that to start tackling my admin to-do list.


Shipped your hose this afternoon. Here’s your tracking number.


You’re too good to me brother!


He was going to send the hose baked in a cake but I told him it was to late for that now


Thats funny right there




Yea squid… Every one knows the us post office is the best. Besides real Americans use the US post office, c’mon support your country man. Brahhahaha. Just kidding - busting newguy89 hump because he works for UPS. For the record the Brown guys are the best. Just yesterday I was telling my ups driver about how my dog would not sit any more in the snow, because his nuts dropped, so I had to get a penknife… Once in band camp…


My dad retired with 37 years at UPS. Lol he always shipped stuff the cheapest possible way. FedEx Kinkos is 1/2 a mile from my house. Convenience won.


O contrair mon frair, I think I’m the big winner here, for which I am truly grateful. Never imagined that my biggest support group (besides Mom, of course) would come from perfect strangers on a freakin’ forum. If I wasn’t already too old to have children, I’d name the first squid and the second innocentbystander. My third, Racer, and my daughter I would name tireshark (you had to know I’d put you in there somewhere Dude)


Tireshark et?


How about Tireshia Sharkette?


Quit. Be nice. Leave @tireshark be. Drink a cheerwine.


If I were to have children I’d pull a George Foreman and name them all Rowdy


I got tp pick middle names and wife picked first names.

Justin Troy

Elijah Hunter

Dylan Martin


To bad she didn’t pick


Who’s rowdy


That’s what my family and friends have been calling me since I was a kid.


Theres been a few times where I seen you call yourself that or other people and i was like…“man ive called him by the wrong name like 5 or 6 times woops…where the he’ll did I get Brodie from. I’m just going to stick with it till he corrects me.”