Is There an Effective Way to Clean This Aggregate with River Rock?


While the probability of this assumption may possibly be true or contrary to such thoughts we must remember 2 things.

  1. All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure. Mark Twain

  2. Sally was a good old girl. Waylon Jennings


Takes me back to my sordid past, when 15 years ago on a psychotropic drug chemistry site called The Hive my handle was “payin2much.”




Actually, FBOP. Once enough of my “so called” friends were busted, it was just a matter of adjourning a grand jury. Slam dunk! Original sentence 375 months. WHEW!




Ouch man… Could have been worse they got the conspiracy stuff and Rico act putting people away for lifetimes…


Yep, avoided RICO, and some changes in the sentencing guidelines helped a lot


SO, these are the after photos:

Pool Deck Surface

Looks good!


very nice grasshopper


Thank you sensai


Oh yea…, that’s what we were talking about… 60 detours ago… Good job


Looks great! So how did you do it in the end?


Eliminated a hose and added a professional surface cleaner (Hammerhead). No solution, just down and dirty, hit everything from both directions (side to side, up/down) Finished up using XJet to polish off. 3 hours


Where you been Buzz? Missed your sardonic lubricity! @BuzzLightyear


If you didn’t use solution then what was the xjet for?


I don’t use a wand anymore. I use the xjet to spray clean the the surface after the surface cleaner has stripped the dirt. Is there a technique that will allow me to eliminate that step?


What do you mean when you say ‘spray clean’? Just rinsing the dirt off? Most people just use a ball valve choked down to rinse.

Now post treating, could be done with X-Jet, if needed.


Open ball valve


Why> more water volume?