Is There an Effective Way to Clean This Aggregate with River Rock?


Went out on a HA lead this morning at 6:30 and found this


Will ANYTHING get this stuff clean? I have had my heart broken several times I’ve come up against it. Will heat? Is there a process that will cllean this. I have applied SH before AND after surface cleaning with a 4k 4gmp PW. Does anyone have any advice? @Innocentbystander, what do YOU do when you come upon this stuff with pebbles in the aggregate? How about it @Racer, is there a formula that will clean this crap? @squidskc, Brodie, you (or anyone else) have a solution, or should I just run like h%ll.


Xjet straight 12.5. No orifice. Surface cleaner


What he said^. That’ll clean up beautifully and pretty simply.


WOW! OK, I’ll give it a try… maybe. I walked away when her well couldn’t sustain the water volume I needed. Maybe I’ll give her a call. Just won a $1000 HA job that starts tomorrow. About 70 windows, and that’s the easy part. I bid it out at $1200, and he gave me the choice of taking the job for $1000 or he’d get another estimate from the other HA Pro that had been given the lead. I decided to take the job. I can use the money, but I’ve also invested in this EDDM, and most were supposed to go out today. There’s a LOT of surface cleaning, and soffits and a pergola:

OK, just talked to the original aggregate with pebbles, and going back out there now to give it a try. Will report with pics


Would it being sealed or not matter when running the surface cleaner on it?wouldnt a lot of pressure on that make the pebbles go flying?


Without seeing it I can’t say


I’ve never actually seen one of these sealed and as bad as they get I’d venture a guess that they don’t get sealed. If you don’t chip old concrete with 3000 psi you’re probably not going to do much damage to this stuff.


Looks like oil stains on that concrete. If straight SH dont work throw some degreaser on there.


Great job George! Keep up the good work. Keep learning and hustling. I’m not a particularly religious person, but I do believe there’s a God and it looks like you’re doing your best to make good on the life he gave ya!

I wouldn’t worry about losing the $200. If you do a bang up job and the customer likes ya the $1000 gigs will turn into gigs like these. (The $10950 job is good for two years. I’ll do it again same time next year and close the year out with another $11k). Keep it up!


Roadie, we need to talk about those big numbers jobs. I can sell, I just
don’t know how to price em.


If you get to many, raise your price. And vice versa. You seem to be rocking it


Bingo. @MrSparkleVA supply and demand. Positive, sellable differences increase your demand. There’s 8 days of work in those numbers. If you’re doing $1000 a day solo you’re definitely rocking it.


Not a big deal, but most folks who know me call me Rowdy or my name is Brodie. You can call me either, but your spellings of my name are starting to confuse even me. Lol


Hush up,and connect the speakers and the amps…


They should be sealed every 2-3 years but not that many people do it because it can be costly to do. You really can do a bunch of damage if the aggregate is loose but it’s pretty easy to see if that’s the case with the naked eye. On the other hand they super nice to clean when they are sealed with an acrylic. The surface cleaner just glides over the concrete and the dirty water just floats away.

Here’s one we cleaned and sealed a few weeks ago.


I did a demo for a guys pool where it was so loose it was flying everywhere. Lessons were learned that day. I took @Innocentbystander advice and walked away lol.



What do you use to seal it? We have a lot of exposed aggregate here in TX. I clean them but have not offered sealing. I did see a pretty good you tube where a guy applied Trinic sealer with a pump up and it looked good. No idea how to price it either. Thanks for any input. Mark


That’s where you have to clean it with detergent, a stiff brush and low pressure, then follow up with the acrylic sealer.


lol I see what you did there


That does look sharp. I’m curious too