Is There an Effective Way to Clean This Aggregate with River Rock?


Glad you got that straight dude.


Hose is ordered. should be there by Sat.


Innocentbystander 4
November 9

Hose is ordered. should be there by Sat.

Thanks Brother. Still seeking recommendation for best value in a hose reelVisit
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What in the heck have you done? I think you just broke the internet


I DIDN’T DO THAT! Are you up to your old hijinks? @BuzzLightyear, is this your handywork? The only thing I can think of is that I cut & paste the PWRA link to the WCRA page for a post over there. IDK how THAT could have done THIS. ANYWAY, I worked so hard yesterday that I was in bed by about 9. Woke up refreshed and ready to clean the windows in that home I’ve been working on.

Thanks again. I hope everyone has an industrious and profitable day today!


Hey, IBS @Innocentbystander, my mouse died last night. Maybe that was a final act of defiance.


Sorry for your los. Add more cheese to the diet of the next one


HA! This mouse has been a loser, and I may even go Logitec Trackball this time. I had one years ago before my sordid journey, and it might be time for a reprise.


Another nasty day today… does the rain affect window cleaning at all?


Get a Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard combo. That way you can cast your PC to the big smart tv and control it from the lazyboy . Its the bees knees. Even if you don’t have a smart tv no cords is the best…


Not really. Doctor’s appointments do, however. Hope to get back out there this afternoon. I had a great day in the rain yesterday power washing though. I may do some more surface cleaning in it again today. Since we are both "757,"give me a call and let’s meet. I always like to have friendly competition with which to cooperate. I’m in Chesapeake.


Yeah man for sure, i was shutting down after last weekend, but a church wants some work done so i will do it tomorrow and close up… i havent been in the woods once yet, almost like a part of me is missing… hard to turn down paying jobs though.


I need to research that. I am using the laptop I bought with gift money a year ago after my release from 12 1/2 year time-out with the feds. Not sure how that keyboard would work. I stream with ROKU when I watch TV. My TV is a Samsung Plasma PNH3F4500AF. The ROKU has trouble casting windows devices (or did a few months ago when I tried) but you suggest that my laptop, enhanced with one of these keyboards could cast to the TV itself? Hmm, if so I might just get a new keyboard. I’m using whatever trackpad came on this cheap Dell laptop I bought. (BET I’LL NEVER BUY ANOTHER DEVICE WITH CELERON PROCESSOR).


If you have a smart tv then the laptop should be able to cast to it with out roku or a wireless mouse/keyboard… I just like the wireless mouse so I can sit in the easy chair so I don’t have to be stick at the desk. Basically your using your wireless in your smart tv to turn it into a giant monitor.




Thanks, Brother. That’s one hell of a gift, and I will remain grateful for it. I’M NOT WORTHY!


Heck you earned it by sticking tight throughout the whole troll affair lol


DID get a little nasty, didn’t it.


No, that was tame. Usually we weed out the nuts quicker but him and the thinktomuch guy were tenacious lol


One and the same?:thinking: