Is anyone here going?


I went to the one put on by the Power Wash Store in Nashville and it was well worth the effort. Great presentations, good food, discounts on supplies, a chance to meet others and talk shop.


I’ve heard nothing but great things about Sean @ The Nashville Power Wash Store. (That’s who is throwing the event)


Kinda curious why you like spam but not hot dogs lol


He is awesome
We have camped together and rode together


Why not support his event instead of discouraging folks from going?


Because, while Paul is a super nice guy, he has supported the uamcc and the pwna. Those two orgs have done more to hurt this industry than any other threats combined. Don’t spend money with them, tell them why. If their pocket is hurt enough, they will sever ties with them.


Ive seen you write about this before. Where can I find out more about how these orgs have damaged industry?


Search on the pwi forum for more info. hinderlighter started the uamcc, was run out when he got caught using uamcc letterhead to push BMPs in California. Then he went to the pwn@. I personally called the president of the pwn@ and asked if they were going to shop bmps. I told me no. I joined. Two weeks later it came out that they were. Couldn’t even get a refund. Notice a pattern of vendors that sell reclaim pushing bmps?


They’ve pushed reclaim to municipalities in order to require contractors to purchase reclaim equipment from their venders. They’re more interested in their own interests over that of the contractors


is that the RON dude ive heard so many different things about


No, that is an entirely different character. He is why, imo, the uamcc is operating as a non profit still with their status has been revoked. Thus the current implosion in it. They all fall apart every few years.


Didn’t Bob and Russ do the same?


Lol, a week or so ago a person from California asked for advise. I told him to scratch that and start in pools, my friends had attempted the pw biz out there. Im from Orange County. 30 years.


Not Bob. He is org free


And notice he doesn’t sell recovery equipment


Hey bud! Still going next week? @Anthony28 and I will be there.


Yes @APW1 I will be there Monday and Tuesday. Y’all going both days or just Monday?


I will be there both days can’t wait to get out of New England for a couple days it’s -1 here today with the wind chill factor. I’m right there with you being a new guy it will be nice to meet you guys and learn a few things.


@Anthony28 -1? That sucks! It’s mid 60’s here! So it will be a nice change.


Going both days. Will be nice to meet you and @Anthony28 from this forum…can’t wait! Seems promising!