Is anyone here going?


There’s a two day (Jan 14-15, 2019) PWshing event in Orlando, FL hosted by Power Wash Store. Lots of free classes and some advanced paid classes. Lots of known vendors will be present. Displays and giveaways.

I registered, just wanted to know if anyone else here is planning to attend.


I didn’t even know about this. I just saw there are really cheap flights down there I think I might go.


Hit me up if you do.


I seen this on my email I’d love to go but im in no position financially to travel that far. Even if its only 2 states away😂


I hear you! I was going to go to their Carolina event but couldn’t make it. This one is 40 minutes from my house.


Ya i remember that. I thought you went. I had actually book a room at great wolf lodge. I had completely forgotten that Saturday was my nephews birthday and had to cancel. I have pretty much raised my sisters kids as my own and have been the only father figure in thier life.


@Ikii did you go to the NC event?


I’m going. @APW1 where about do you live. I’m also close to this. 40-50 mins away in Lakeland. I’ll probably be there both days.


I’m in DeLand. I’ll be there both days as well. Hit me up Palmetto. I’d like to meet ppl there from this forum.


I did,
My first time to do so.
The chemical presentation was interesting, the rest no so much.


Sounds good @APW1 it will be nice to meet some people. Hopefully it’s a good time there. I’m new at this so this will be my first PW expo but will be nice seeing new equipment and checking everything out!


I’m not interested in all of their classes; however they have a great schedule to choose from…IMO. I’m always open to learning…that’s why I’m here! LOL


That’s my main goal! I’m also new to the industry, have learned significantly on this forum and looking for more venues…specially free ones! Lol


Right there with ya! Well I look forward to meeting you and anyone else that’s going!


Got the hall pass. Just booked the flight down, will be a nice little getaway from New England.


Just curious - went the UMACC in Houston recently.
Day 1 - a bunch of break out sessions (Facebook, Concrete, CWA, etc) that were somewhat general in nature that would benefit someone who is totally new to the industry. No offence to any one intended by teh CWA session was put on by a 16 year old reading from a power point. Did not really offer much. I was expecting more about water reclaim, how to filter and prepare reclaimed water for disposal, various methods to handle reclaim, talk about the on-site containment systems on properties and the relevance to CWA, etc.

Day 2 - Classes - only 1 paid class for wood (that was not clearly noted in the sing-up and I missed out on it) and all the others (Concrete, Softwash, Roof, etc) ended up just being selling demos for unnamed individuals to promote their own products. I was expecting just more - take concrete for example - have a hands on demo on the entire process. I just learned last week that on a surface cleaner the alignment of the slot of the nozzle needs to be inline with the spray bar and that happened by an indirect statement on this forum.

A small vendor expo (maybe 20 vendors) and not really that great of deals - one had a cleaner for $2 less a gallon than what I normally pay. HASA was there and have a plant 1 hour from me. I would have made a bulk buy if they were in that mindset. Been in restaurants for 30 years and when they did conventions, vendors would offer incredible deals on buying commitments to be made over 6-12 months. You did not have to buy it all that day - you committed to what you needed for 12 months and paid 20-30% less per case and ordered/paid throughout the year. It was a way for them to lock you in for the year (gaining market share) while you got a good deal committing to that purchase. A couple of half-built trailers out front.

I spent the most time at Agent Clean truck. Everything on that truck. Just looking at plumbing, layout, shelves, racks, etc. and he was not even a vendor but a contractor from the area who drove his truck to the event.

It was good and all and I did learn a couple of things, but is that the nature of what these events are or is this one or others offer more?

Again, this is not to bash UMACC or anyone associated with that event. It was my first one so I have no point of reference as to what these events are in the PW industry.


If you took all the money you planned on spending making it to a convention, other than the PWRA convention, and spent it on spam, you would have spam. A very tasty treat that will keep a long time. Or take that money and burn it in a small metal bucket and use it to roast marshmallows. Either way, you have a tasty treat and you are not wasting it on vendor conventions, or an org that is operating illegally and has sold bmp’s to cities so that contractors are forced to buy reclaim equipment from, you guessed it, vendors.


Hit me up Anthony!


It’s all what you want to make of it. Take a break and network a bit. There are advanced classes you can pay for. Vendors? Yes…same as the huge convention, no surprise there, but it’s free!


Buy from vendors that do not support an org. You will be investing in your own future.