Infinity Cleaning Mobile 3.0, aka Truck Norris


Anytime you make a store run for something, buy three of them. If you plan on doing this for awhile, you’ll use it later.


I was cleaning a driveway the other day and the little D pin that holds the handle to the surface cleaner fell out somewhere, so I put 3 cable ties through the hole to finish up. So when I was at Home Depot I grabbed another one. Later that week when I went to clean a sidewalk or something I couldn’t find where I put it so I just cleaned with the cable ties still in there. When the store a few days later and bought two this time. Long story short the cable ties are still in there because I can’t remember where I put those either:joy:. Apparently I need to buy 10 of everything.


For the low, low price of $199 I’ll send you one of these buckets.


Ouch, That’s so true.


Sign me up! It comes fully stocked, of course?


No, but he will label where you need to put stuff


William, thanks for taking my call yesterday. Just a quick question: what is your reason for not recommending aluminum or steel with rubber bumpers for an interface between the frame and bed? The fabricator I spoke with this morning seemed to think aluminum box channel would be the best choice for longevity, provided I protected the steel frame from galvanic corrosion from the aluminum.

His rough guess at installing the bed in their shop is 10-12 hours @ $85/hr. I’m thinking of doing the bed myself and having them tidy up the fill neck situation.


Every box truck I’ve ever seen or owned has had oak as a buffer. The rubber eventually dry rots. Maybe it is a Southern location thing. I paid $300 to have my first bed installed but that was 7 or 8 years ago and from the company I bought the bed from. Rubber will probably be fine, I’ve just never ran across it and I worked in a diesel shop working on trucks for a few years.


Makes sense. I think it might be a somewhat southern issue. How do other rubber components hold up on your vehicles down there, like bushings and such?

I may price out both and see what the damage will be for the aluminum box channel. It should be lighter than oak or treated wood, and on a Tacoma every pound counts, lol.

The shop I bought the bed from says they install them for $600, which seems fair compared to other quotes. But they didn’t really inspire a whole lot of confidence while I was there. Looking at their own equipment, it didn’t appear that they do much “finesse” type work. They were careful loading the bed for me, though.

Update on expenses for the build:
Truck registered today.

  • $2112.12 between tax, title transfer, 2 year registration, and vanity plate
  • $15.24 for a cable and lock to secure the bed to a utility pole in my front yard while it awaits installation. (That was fun unloading solo, btw :roll_eyes:)


I never met a lifting table or chainfall I didn’t like. A motorcycle lift with the ramp from harbor freight is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Piece of plywood or a couple 2x4’s… now you’re table is off road capable. Lol


I used a couple junky 2x6 boards from the scrap pile at my local building supply store as ramps. Slid the bed down onto the lawn. It was going so smoothly, until the 4x6 lumber that the bed was resting on tilted upright and slid down the side of the stock bed. Two nice little scuffs on an otherwise mint bed :man_shrugging:


Bucket seems legit, right now I am using 3700 boxes for all my small parts simply because I had so many of them laying around. But I did really have a good solution for bigger pieces. I like your idea. Thanks


Don’t sell that bed cheap. A guy from Ohio bought my last truck bed from a 10 year old F250. He had a route thru the south. Pulled a flying wedge with about 10 truck beds on it. Said they rusted out quick in Ohio.



Doesn’t even come with the tailights!


pay that truck off fast


It’s a better hyper-miler than 4-slice. So stoked :sunglasses:


Expense update:

  • running boards for my short wife: $169 from amazon
  • FireStone airbags $320.23 from Amazon
  • dropped over $2k (waiting for the final freight cost) on a bunch of power washing stuff with a supplier who shall remain nameless:
    • Four aluminum Titan reels:
      • 4018-6e (18” electric with 1” manifold for my supply hose)
      • 4318es (18” electric with stainless manifold for high pressure hose)
      • two of the 4312s (12” reels with stainless manifolds, one for WFP and the other for roof/chem pump)
    • 2 Titan stainless stacking kits
    • some odds and ends

Pro-tip that I’ve shared before: make friends with your local hardware/building supply store. They’ll most likely let you use their address for receiving expensive freight items. I’m saving a bundle on freight by doing that.


Have you looked at airlift? I watched two different airbag install videos for airlift and Firestone’s and the Firestone’s were wayyy more complicated installs.


The reviews for the AirLift kit for the Tacoma were pretty poor. I’ve been a fan of AirLift for awhile, but I couldn’t ignore the reviews :confused:

Also, I’m thinking of asking the shop to install it while they have the bed off. That should simplify things a bit, and one less thing for me to worry about.


I’ve used airlift and Firestone. I would almost swear they are the same. I had an airlift bag go out due to rubbing on the frame and replaced it with a Firestone bag from a truck I took of the road. Perfect fit