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Not exactly. I Couldn’t find a definitive answer on the weight of the stock bed, though there were some guesses on Tacoma World of around 200#. The aluma bed is 225#.


Are you going to put it on yourself? If so, call me for pointers


Have you thought of doing anything to treat the frame while the bed is off, rhino liner or something similar?


Great idea to at least slow down the inevitable.


Rust shouldn’t be seen as inevitable. It’s all a matter of ongoing maintenance.

Joe @bubbad2u, I’ve got a friend who just bought one of these trucks. He mentioned some super awesome stuff that he’ll be treating his with- Like military grade stuff. I’m gonna ask him what it is and where to get it.


I just heard about this on a Jeep forum a few days ago and saw it last night in Lowes for $9.98 a can. I looked up the SDS on it and it’s mostly oil, wax and a couple of things to help propel/apply it.

Anybody ever use it?


Chuck Norris can count to @Infinity

And can subsequently divide by zero.


I use Blaster Corrosion Stop on EVERYTHING. It’s the same as fluid film and less expensive.

I use to use Fluid Film before I found it. Both work great.

I have a video up on YouTube about it I love it so much. Mentioned fluid film in the video with it.


Note to self …,. Stay away from anything that is “military grade”. Usually means the cheapest bidder lol


Here in the rust belt, the pros use hydraulic fluid. A lot of places are using the fluid film, but it doesn’t stick and hold up as well as hydraulic fluid. It eventually washes off.

What the shops will do is they drill 1/2” holes in the door jambs and other body panels, and spray the inside of the panels where moisture is prone to getting trapped. They plug the holes with rubber caps and it’s all ready for another treatment next year. They’ll also spray the whole underside of the vehicle.

Liquid rust treatments are a messy undertaking, it seeps out of the panels for ages, and it attracts dirt like mad. But it works great.


I’d keep the bed…the resale value of those trucks are high! If your only using for work the miles will be decent.

2 years take off the flatbed and throw on the regular bed and trade it in/sell it.

Buy new truck and get a new deduction.

Did your acct go over if there is a certain timeline needed to own the vehicle before you can sell due to the tax deductions ?


I ran out of room. It just can’t be done all in the bed of a small truck. Or short bed for that matter. I had so much crap piled on I went from professional to train wreck at the end of the season. That’s the main reason I bought the beast vs an f550 wth a service body.


Our CPA explained that once you fully expense a piece of equipment, reselling it is taxed as a capital gain.

We’re planning on keeping this truck ‘till it’s resale value is very, very low, lol. Hence my interest in dispensing with the stock bed. Selling the bed will also be viewed as a capital gain, but we’ll be worrying about that in 2019 :smirk:


Random question for anyone following this thread:

Is there any interest in seeing a full cost breakdown of this build? I’m happy to go full MoneyMustache spreadsheet mode in here, if it would be helpful to someone doing a similar build. I think I’ve managed to find some pretty decent deals, too.


Yes. 1000%

I love the numbers if you’re willing to do it.


Awesome. It will not be an organized spreadsheet from the start. Here’s what I’ve spent so far on this truck:

  • Total financed amount: $30,429 (full purchase price, no trade in or down payment)
  • financed for 72 months @ 2.99%
    Plus VT sales tax $1,825.74 yet to be paid, along with registration and title fees
  • Studded snow tires: $650
  • Interior accessories (all weather mats, fancy phone mount and charger, etc): $248.86

The good stuff:

  • Aluma 68087 Flatbed: $1865.75

  • Vinyl lettering: $362

  • 3 plastic water tanks (two 55 gal, one 20 gal, with shipping): $524.97

  • Ratchet straps to get the flatbed home: $16.96


I knew it.


Would love to see the cost. I think one thing that is sneaky expensive is plumbing parts and cam lock, things like that. I am just sitting here sketching out ideas for a new truck. Bolts, hoses, etc just keep adding up.


Better watch it. I can edit your original posts to say whatever. I. Want. :smiling_imp:

But that was flippin’ hilarious, btw :joy:


Dang it. Knew I was forgetting something :upside_down_face: