Infinity Cleaning Mobile 3.0, aka Truck Norris


I’m seeing a common thread here :joy:

Looks like I need to do a remote filling system with sealed and externally vented tank, a la Kevin Enderle. Too bad the guy turned out the way he did. I learned a ton from his videos and posts.


Now I’m curious about what happened. I loved his videos and how he broke down the differences in pumps (12v, air, and gas).


Saw this the other day while having a coffee break and was reminded of your build. Basically a custom aluminum box on top of the bed. Upside is everything is enclosed and protected and ladders can go on top. Downside would be not enough room to stick your head in and fumes need venting.


He took orders and payments for custom air diaphragm systems, and didn’t fulfill a bunch of them. He just went awol. From what I’ve read, the build quality of some of his systems could be spotty, as well.


I think I’ve decided against going with a full ladder rack. I might eventually get some removable cross bars, but I don’t want to be hampered when loading and unloading the snowblowers, or have to worry about clearing the tall tanks.

I’ll be doing something similar to this, instead:


You can get it where the rear crossbar is pinned so it can be removed for access.


I probably would get something like that in addition, eventually. But I wouldn’t really need it if I had one of these angled racks on either side. I only carry 2 extension ladders


You just need to be in NC in January when @squidskc is here. Fabrication and shooting time


Lettering going on today…


Id like to watch the videos. Just searched YouTube and couldn’t find anything with that spelling.


Search for “peak of perfection” roof cleaning. Or the Pump Man


… And picked up my flatbed


Looks like a pretty good fit… i love that idea of a raised flat bed. You will have tons of storages underneath now without belly boxes.


Sarcasm right? Lol


kidding right?


I think it looks good, it is a different approach but it solves a lot of problems for storage. Just go with more than the straps, I would suggest wood screws into the bedrail. Should be fine.


You guys are hilarious. I had to get it home somehow, lol. The stock bed will be going up on CraigsList along with 4-Slice on 1/1/19


I know he is joking…but that would be kinda cool lol


The truck is now named Chuck. As in Norris. I needed an equally awesome name to Britt’s Stig. Now I need to come up with some “facts” to go along with the name, like:

“Chuck doesn’t have to change his clock for daylight savings. He just goes into 4-low and turns the earth back one hour.”


You have any idea of difference in weight between the two beds?