Infinity Cleaning Mobile 3.0, aka Truck Norris


And keep the wife happy! :+1:


Or you could come to Kansas City for 3-4 days this winter and I’ll buy spool gun we’ll learn to weld aluminum together. Labor free. Or we’ll make it out of steel and paint it. Ship it home for $300.

I’ll even turn the heat on for you. :wink:


What about doing something similar as @SchertzServicesLLC bed



I love the convenience of my vertical build. However I quickly ran out of room and I have had people point out that it looks overcrowded. It is super handy but my short-bed was just not enough. Even for me as a part timer (around 113 house washes this year) it wasn’t enough room. I am buying a GMC W4500 (Isuzu NPR HD with GMC tag) and will have a 16ft flatbed of all the space I need! I was going to buy a service truck with a plow already on it but he sold it the next morning…


No phone number. Don’t need every rando calling us for house keeping or crime scene cleanup (or to pay their cable bill :roll_eyes:) cause they’re too lazy to check our website and see what we actually do.

“Licensed and insured” is a waste of space and adds clutter. Anyone who cares about it, will ask or figure it out on their own. But most people around here, honestly don’t care that much to ask.

Not sure on the fate of this bed, so planning a signage layout that works regardless.

I love his setup, but wouldn’t work for our needs. Gotta put the snowblowers somewhere, even if that means having the pressure washer be removable somehow.


Get a trailer then your truck is still your truck.
Just got this one couple weeks ago. Even busy but this weekend and today painted and sprayed a liner


Yeah I hear ya, but I’m done with my trailer. Tired of rolling up to a window cleaning job I bid over the phone and realizing that I could easily upsell them on the spot for power washing, if only I had my equipment with me. I’m also sick of turning around in tight, back-woods, 1/2 mile long driveways.

Having my pressure washer on deck will also speed up large residential jobs that have a million screens. I’ve found no faster or more effective method for cleaning screens than by soft washing.

Also, without making “considerable” modifications (beyond some lettering) to our sub 6k# GVWR truck, the IRS sees it as a passenger vehicle, and we would be subject to deduction limits.

Overall, I’m trying to see this as the business’ truck, not ‘my truck’. I think I’ll keep it looking nicer that way, anyhow :smirk:


Should have bought a tundra! :wink:same price and the gvwr lets you max it out. Wrote off 25k on mine last year.

Trailers are a hassle but I’ve grown To love it and I love that my truck stays a truck

Interested to see the mods


Not around here, at least not comparing apples to apples (4x4, same trimline & options, etc)

Full disclosure: I know the Tundra (or something even bigger) would be the smarter choice for most guys in this business. But for our particular circumstances and goals, I prefer buying only as much vehicle as I really need. It took a long time for me to outgrow the Toasters; a midsize pickup is a huge upgrade :upside_down_face:


true your living large now!


It is raining here today so I am fooling around with your truck lay out a bit.
I did a 87"x68" body

This has a 48" tool box, though I think that is really small and will fill up quick, 2 water tanks and I put a few milk crates in front of the tanks ( I use these for chemical jugs, pump up sprayers, and 5 gal buckets)
The nice thing about this layout is the pressure washer fits on the outside, which makes filling the fuel and starting it nice. I think I remember you have the pull start and fuel tank on top of the machine.
The four hose reels on the side are only 12" models you could probably do 2 12’s and 2 18’s. I can only get 225’ of PW hose on my 12" reel. I don’t know how much hose you want.
There is also a 25 gallon downstream tank, the one I found is a cylinder.
I don’t know what size underbody boxes you can fit on your truck. If you could get 24" models you could put the roof pump and accumulator on one side and your window pump and battery/charger on the other, just using cam locks to hook up to the hose reel when you are ready.
This layout also assumes that you can use the headache rack for the front of your ladder rack. So I left a 4" square for the rear mount of the ladder rack. The only thing I wonder is what the height of the rack is since your tanks are 40" high. Hopefully they don’t project up into the rack.
Of course you have to figure out where to pump your WFP, I stick mine in PVC tubes, but I would like to leave the brush and hose connected because it is so much faster not to have to hook it up each time.

This one has a longer toolbox which I really like but it forces the pressure washer inside which makes fueling and starting harder

this on assumes no underbody boxes so you could put a battery/roof pump combo in a box that could be easier pulled off the truck like Racer did in his videos. But this eats up a lot of room.
It is amazing how quick the room disappears. I
ll keep working on some ideas. These are basic, but at least a start


Wow! Wish I could like this 10x.

Thanks for taking the time to do this. You’re correct; I’ve got the pull start gx390, so fueling and starting are considerations.

I’ll eventually get around to finish installing the electric start (just need to broach a new keyway in the flywheel), and I’ve toyed with doing a remote tank with a refill system (one of Kevin Enderle’s builds had a setup like that; pretty nifty)

I’m going to try and find out the height of the headache rack. I may need to source different tanks if it’s under 40”.

Regarding underbody boxes, I don’t think 24” will fit in front of the axle, but I’m betting they will behind the wheels. 87” is a little over a foot longer than the stock bed.

Ebay has some of these aluminum boxes dirt cheap (I know, I know: you get what you pay for) I might try and do 4 underbody boxes, 2 small ones in front, and 2 longer ones in back.


No matter how careful you are, water is going to overflow and bleach is going to leak. Think about that before you put belly boxes under the bed


yea that is one thing I was thinking so far as only putting pumps in the underside boxes. They are on the bottom of a very leaky and messy set of machines and hoses


Very true. I plan on mitigating at least some of that by (re)doing all of my clamped fittings with Band-It clamps

I’m going to have an eye on where things will drain to when they do leak, and on what surfaces

I’m attempting to bulletproof my setup in terms of reducing maintenance and repair issues.

A cool upside to having the 12v pumps mounted underneath: they’ll always prime!


I was meticulous when I built my skid. Never had a leak but I did spill and overflow sh when making my mix batches. The raptor liner held up well but needs touched up.


these mods going to effect your warranty on the truck?


I am super picky about stuff leaking, I really try to make sure everything is set up well and I rarely have stuff go bad. Of course I can never pour any SH in anything without dumping at least a gallon all over the trailer, so there is that. :grin:


Not 100% sure. My understanding of current warranty law is that they can only refuse coverage for aspects directly related to the mods. So if I drill a bunch of holes in the frame and it rusts out, they won’t cover frame replacement. But if my transmission drops out at 20k, they have to cover it provided I didn’t do any mods that would effect the drivetrain in any way.

I could be completely off base on that reasoning. Perhaps I should check, lol.