Infinity Cleaning Mobile 3.0, aka Truck Norris

Personally I would definitely go the flatbed route. Either way it’ll be great! Congrats!


Do you know the approx dimensions of your flat bed? That thing filled up quick. You’re right there isn’t hardly any room on that thing.

Hah; good point.

The agreement is that I make an honest attempt to get everything to fit functionally in the standard bed. If it looks like that’s not going to happen, then the flatbed is a go. So that’s what I’m asking for help with, at the moment; let’s see what I can fit in the standard bed.

Here’s what I’m thinking for basic layout, with either setup:

Two vertical 55 gallon tanks against the headache rack (they’re 18” square and ~40” tall). One as a buffer, and the other for pure water.

A 3rd vertical tank, maybe 20-25 gallons, for straight SH premixed with surfactant (I’ll use the stainless proportioning injector from Dultmeier so I won’t have to mix batches).

Hose reels mounted curb side alongside of bed

Toolbox on the driver’s side of the bed

Ladder rack

Some sort of raised shelf/compartment for my stack ladders

Not sure where my machine will go, just yet

Looks like it’s time to get out the graph paper, or make some cardboard mockups for the layout…


What are the dimensions of your pressure washer? It is a gear drive 5.5, right?

Belt drive. I’ll measure later today.

Why not get platform custom made?

Im not an artist, so bear with me. Make it flat with bed at the cab for tanks to custom fit, then raise up above wheel wells, with somewhere to bolt reels to that is above bed rails, then machine and rest can bolt down… would have storage underneath for some chems and step ladders. Honestly if having headsche rack, can custom something off the back to carry large ladders using headache rack as support up front.

If I follow correctly, you’re talking about doing the entire bed custom?

The fab shop I spoke with indicated that a scratch-built bed would be prohibitively expensive. I would be better off buying a commercially available bed and having them customize it.

I like the idea of using the headache rack for the front portion of a ladder rack :+1:t2:

That truck is 200 miles away from where I made the video at the shop at 4am this morning lol. Probably 6 by 8 but I’m not positive

No, use stock bed just have them weld up a platform that fits inside.

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Haha, yea just a guess is good.

What works better for me than graph paper is taping out the size on the floor and then using cardboard cut the size of the foot print of what I’m installing to try out different lay outs.

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I’ll snap a pic of a sketch I made over a year ago for a custom “skid” that goes over the rails, has a ladder rack, and 8 inches under it to store long items. It was able to fit everything I have on the trailer on it with the exception of the IBC tote. At least in the drawing.


Somebody on one of the FB groups was selling an empty SoftWash systems skid, that included two rectangle tanks. Wish I could’ve snapped it up.


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Goes into a regular truck bed, but the tundra’s bed is likely bigger.

You don’t know the height of the headache rack do you? I wonder if the tanks will fit below it if they are 40" tall?

Welp… it was pretty much like that.

Like this concept, but aluminum and custom to your needs… get over the wheel wells and its frees up some space


And you could probably have it made at a shop for the cost of a flatbed. Less material involved.

Yes, like that… all my ideas are already taken. Day late and a dollar short.