Infinity Cleaning Mobile 3.0, aka Truck Norris

They actually seem halfway decent, too. Many of the reviews I’ve read for cheaper toolboxes have mentioned paper-thin aluminum, but these seem like they’ll be adequate for light-medium duty use for a few years.


Where you order your chem tank from?

Ordered all three tanks from They’re built by two different manufacturers, though, so that’s the reason for the different delivery dates.

I’m pretty sure PWT is run by the same company as

Here’s the order confirmation in case anyone’s curious:

This was delivered to a commercial location with loading dock. Shipping to my house probably would’ve been double.

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That shipping…so glad I live 15 min from a tank supplier


55, 35, and 15 gallon plastic drums all $15-$30.:slightly_smiling_face:

Yep, and take up around 50% more floor space per gallon. Every square mm counts on this build :grin:


Yep, not idea for your use. :+1:

Those prices look similar to Dultmier. I’ve been looking at those same tanks. Not sure how their shipping will be though.

If anything, I bet Dultmeier will at least be a little nicer to deal with. It was like pulling teeth trying to get calls or emails returned after I put in my order and was wondering where my stuff was.

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I hope to find out soon. I need to place an order for a couple tanks, like yesterday!

@Infinity do those tanks sit higher than the top of the head ache rack of your flatbed? So To put a ladder rack on there it would have to be built up higher than where you have it now to go over the tanks?

Yes, currently they sit higher than the headache rack. When we pull everything apart in the spring, we’ll be finishing up the fabrication needed to support the tanks when they’re recessed into the bed.

(See posts 177 and 190 of this thread for a little more info)

The ladder rack will be angled to the side, and out of the way of the tanks and from loading the snowblowers.

I will be plumbing the tanks in anticipation of recessing them. So the bulkheads will be installed about 8” from the bottom, and I’ll have pvc down-tubes on the inside of the bulkheads so I can draw from the very bottom of the tanks. I plan on doing a video of that setup, since it’s something I’ve never seen done before.

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Alex that’s right I now remember reading that you were recessing the tanks. That will be cool, look forward to seeing how you set it up.

Tool boxes finally installed. What a pain in the rear. Hope they don’t fall off, lol.

I used J-hooks for hanging them. 2x4’s shaved down to 1.25” as spacers.

1x4’s on the inside of the boxes to distribute the load.

Had to bolt them up in two stages: first with just the nuts to get the boxes up into position, and then adding one 1x4 at a time.

Last pic is my jig for drilling the holes in the cross supports. Made a big difference in getting the holes placed perfectly.

This is where I used the hot glue. Put some around the bolts to keep the spacer in place until I could get the box up under it:

Up next: fenders. Might have to bend these out a bit to give a little more clearance. I like them, though.

I might just bend the front wings forward, to imitate the asymmetrical style of the factory fenders


Finally got fenders and mudflaps installed.

Took one semi-sized mudflap to do all 4 wheels. $22 at advance auto.

We’ll see how the front ones hold up :shushing_face:


The other day I was laughing while working because I remembered this comment, lol

@Infinity you seriously have a sweet rig, congrats man


I can’t wait to see your final totals for this baby beast. It’s shaping up though.



1000 HP… Mojave Rainforest