Infinity Cleaning Mobile 3.0, aka Truck Norris


Lol well there’s not really a “that sucks” button.

I also had to Google that word! :rofl::sunglasses:


I’m pleasantly surprised that I was using the word appropriately, and even spelled it correctly, without looking it up :grin:


Ouch , have you tried rubbing it with a micro fiber ? Or is it deep?


Looks like it scraped to the primer a tiny bit. Rubbing compound should reduce the mark considerably, though.


Two water tanks came in. Still waiting on the 20 gallon chem tank. Cardboard for a mockup of where I think that may go…

Also got rid of the obnoxious Aluma logo

It’s looking like the ladder rack will be on the driver’s side. Need to balance out the load a bit.


Looks good, Starting to look like a work rig for sure…

Not sure if your ladder rack gonna add much weight.


Haha, that’s temporary. But yeah, it’s not gonna amount to much.

I’m mostly thinking about finding the space for everything.

Mostly brainstorming this afternoon. Gonna put in an order to Zoro and try and get as much of the plumbing stuff in one shot as possible.

Having a heck of a time maintaining focus. So many parts of this build still to consider.


Toolboxes came in last night. Working on installing them this evening.


Sweet! :+1:


Thought you replaced the wood rack


I haven’t gotten the chance to get one fabricated yet. But I haven’t used the wood one since.


Cardboard and hot glue mockups are one of the easiest things to do and make my nerd heart happy. I keep half my boxes just to spray paint on and use for mockups.

I’m gonna rest easy tonight knowing someone else out there is making them.

I got a fiskars cutting wheel, guide, and cutting mat that makes me feel like I’m a cardboard mockup engineer.


That truck is starting to look gangsta Alex.


You’re a life saver, and you don’t even know it. Details coming soon…


Tool boxes look cool


Looking forward to hearing more.


He hot glued his wooden ladder rack (;


How’d you guess?!?


I used the hot glue to hold some parts in place while I mounted the toolbox. Never would’ve thought of it had Brodie not mentioned it earlier. One of those situations where it feels like you need a miracle, when in fact you just have to think outside the box a little.


Glad it was helpful!


I really like these toolboxes