Infinity Cleaning Mobile 3.0, aka Truck Norris


I like how you called them Chuck Norris “facts”. Haha


Truck Norris rejects your reality and substitutes his own.


I think I might buy my friend a spool gun for his welder. Then we can learn how to weld aluminum together :grin:


I consider myself somewhat a manly man, but welding aluminum eludes, frustrates, annoys and befuddles me


I think welding in general is unrelated to manliness. While many of the guys were struggling in metal shop, a number of the girls were naturals at it. They were probably thinking, “Hey, this is just like frosting a cake!”

While I and most of the guys who were struggling were saying to themselves, “I am going to fuse these two pieces of steel with extreme heat. I must show it who’s boss…”

I learned later in life that I kick butt at frosting a cake. So whenever I get another chance to learn welding, my approach is going to be different :man_shrugging:


When my now wife mentioned she did oxygen acetelyne welding in high school I was a goner! :astonished:


They look like they were done with a spool gun and didn’t penetrate very well.


If it takes a grinder to make welds look good, you’re a grinder, not a welder. Alex, it may last you a long time, but those welds should be considered unacceptable. But I owned a Chevy P30 van once that I put three motors in before realization hit me that I was a ford guy and a chevy 350 was the worst engine ever made.


Aghahaha I haven’t laughed this hard in a month.


Expense update (here’s where this project took a detour from “the norm”):


We spent a ton of time on it, and I think what he charged was more than fair. But I could have gotten out of the project much cheaper and easily had I the patience and lack-of-perfectionism required to have the shop install it.

Aside from his invoice, I spent a bundle (somewhere around $150) on installation hardware and supplies because I didn’t have enough time to order from online vendors. Local hardware stores are the last place you should try and buy stainless hardware in any significant quantity. Their selection of cutting and grinding wheels leaves something to be desired, as well.

Here’s Britt’s reaction to the cost :joy:


And I thought I overpaid at $350 lol


Oh well. It’s only money. Just gotta work an extra day next year :smirk:

I do think there’s a difference between overpaying, and paying more than I have to. If I had the shop do the work for $600, and I was unhappy with the end result, then I overpaid imo. I don’t feel I overpaid for the work I had done. I did pay more than most people would probably want to, though.


And you helped him? I thought it was a friend doing it for beer money?


If your happy, that’s what matters. Maybe get your wife some flowers. Cheap ones though


Yes, I helped him. And he gave a discount off his usual hourly rate. But the only way he could take so much time for a project like this from his already very busy schedule was for paying work. I honestly would feel awkward if he charged much less than he did.


I like her, that’s funny.


Until I can get some fabrication done, this’ll have to do for a ladder rack.


For the love of Pete, don’t leave the driveway like that


Safety first.

Ironton 4-Post Utility Truck Rack — 500-Lb. Capacity, Steel


Not my driveway. And not one of my snow removal customers. Here cleaning windows :snowflake:

Their plow guy definitely should have put down some sand.