Infinity Cleaning Mobile 3.0, aka Truck Norris


He was referring to the wooden support for those ladder i believe.


Oh. Yeah. Now that makes sense :disappointed:

I guess if William and Jaime agree on something, I’d better listen






I see what you did there lol


Any dents or dings on the truck yet ?


I left a couple scuff marks on the stock bed from moving the flatbed off it. None on the cab yet that I’ve noticed.

One of the things I found so appealing about the flatbed is that I can lean stuff against the sides, beat on it or whatever, and it doesn’t matter.


Well at least the main cab hasn’t yet gotten a ding yet . The first dent will hurt you a lot , the next 999 won’t at all. I can tell you this from experience :wink:


New truck $30,429.00
Flat Bed $1,865.00
Ladder Rack $2.45

Having the guts to post picture of said rack…priceless :joy:


That’s awesome. :joy:

After taking so much flak over it, I decided to do a load test. I climbed on top of the ladders and jumped up and down, shook them side to side, really gave it my all. There was plenty of wobble, but no signs of failure.

The 2x4’s are held together with 4.5” timberlok-style screws. This isn’t coming apart anytime soon. I appreciate all of the concern (and ribbing) though.


Just paint the wood with black truck bed coating and no one will ever know. Besides that, I just had a 20 foot extension ladder fly off my pricey aluminum rack and on to the road because I forgot to secure it properly. So, the rack is only half the battle anyway.


As a recovering carpenter I hope you at least used wood glue. Since there are screws through the end grain do me a favor and put some deck straps across the joints so my right eye can stop twitching.


The first accident he has and the ladders fo thru the back window of a car full of nuns carrying orphans home from getting a new puppy, he’ll think about that.


You can’t say things like that with me watching…