Infinity Cleaning Mobile 3.0, aka Truck Norris


Sorry Infinity didn’t mean to bag your tray or give unwarranted advice, just thought the welds looked pretty substandard and hoped they payed more attention in other areas like where it attaches to chassis.
I fully understand not getting a flash tray when its going to get SH etc splashed all over it.
The cheaper boxes I got are warping due to insufficient bracing but not cracking.
Couple of shots of the tray I had custom made by my mate Dan Shuker at Absolute Fabrications it had a full length undertray drawer which was cool.


Now, I am jealous! :grin:


That thing is gorgeous. Jealous, indeed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks, it was It was nice truck . Sold it 3 years ago and I only cried a little bit.


Did you have a rig set up on it ? If so do you have a pic ?


Man. Look what you’ve started. You’ve got me researching tig welding.

Can’t find off the shelf boxes that will fit the spaces under my bed. Would be so cool to learn how to weld aluminum and build the stuff I need…


I didn’t have a rig to put on it at that stage just a couple of full length alloy toolboxes.
When I needed my PW (4gpm with no separate buffer only factory cage on wheels unit)i transported it in a box trailer with my airless spray gear.
This is my rig atm, it’s a work in progress and I’m thinking of ditching the trailer and stripping pumps and engines out of frames to save room and stacking them on the truck with a buffer between toolboxes up against the head board of tray. My head hurts every time I think about the logistics …


Does that Isuzu have the option to add a PTO? I’ve been dying to see someone build a rig by hooking all their pumps up to a PTO with pulleys and clutches… you’d save a ton of space by eliminating the individual motors


It does have the option to add a PTO but I haven’t priced one yet , I did toy with the idea for a while I saw a hydraulic drive pump that would hook up pretty easy but I’m like you I would like to see one somebody has already put one together and worked out what not to do.
A little voice inside me says ‘just do it ,it will be ok’
I’m scared of that little voice sometimes lol


I’m fairly well sold on buying a spool gun since MIG welding’s learning curve is pretty short. I’ve actually got a couple non-structural welding jobs lined up over winter, i.e repairing a rack for an ATV, adding a ladder rack to a trailer, and some Pinterest shelf brackets.

The wire is cheap. It’s super fast to learn. The machines are reasonable. I can weld anything I’ll probably ever want to with it, including aluminum. Etc, etc.

TIG welding requires foot pedal control and both hands, different gas, AC/DC capability blah blah blah… but my plasma cutter is a cheap one off Amazon and it works great. It’s by a company called Hitbox and I found out the other day they have a highly reviewed TIG/stick machine for under $300 so it’s not out of the question for me to buy one to play with.


In my little bit of research, I’ve found that most of the cheaper tig machines aren’t capable of welding aluminum, since they’re DC. Just something to look out for.

I am so unacquainted with metal fab, that I actually didn’t know aluminum could be mig welded. Everybody seems to just talk about tig when aluminum comes up

After watching a couple vids, tig actually looks like a lot of fun. I can pat my head and rub my belly at the same time, so I think I’d be a natural :joy:


maybe something like this minus the frame and mounted under the tray? I wonder if udor do a PTO setup


I was envisioning using standard belt drive pumps. One long driveshaft coming off the PTO, with belts going up through the bed to your pumps. Each pump would have a clutch to engage or disengage.

Having the pumps hooked up under the tray seems like it could be a headache. Probably no more so than all those belts and clutches, though :roll_eyes:


That hitbox has an AC/DC option they’re just out of stock I think.

@Racer told me to get an aluminum flatbed for the F250 and I told him I couldn’t weld anything on it so I found out pretty quick it can be MIG welded since that and stick welder are the only machines I have. Ultimately, Racer and @Innocentbystander shamed me into learning how to weld last year and I think it’s my favorite thing I’ve learned in this business.

Lol, I can’t, but I write right handed among a few things, shoot and bat left handed among a few things, and alternate between left and right when eating (which drives my step mom nuts. Lol) I’m a huge weirdo that can do a lot with alternating hands, but I can’t pat my head and rub my belly for longer than about 3 seconds. So I’ll pass on the hope of becoming proficient at TIG welding any time soon.

If you want to see something wild, search youtube for pulse stick welding. It’s big in europe and it’s basically dummy proof. The machine does everything. The operator just holds the electrode holder. Wild.



That is insane, I need one immediately!!


From looking into the last few days it looks like my best option to do is to add an hydraulic pump to the pto…then just run hydraulic lines to a hydraulic pressure washer pump.

Only hydraulic pump pressure pump I’ve seen someone use is Jim Gamble.

Seems like it would be easier to run twonhydraulic lines up through the box then trying to run long belts ect…


Couldn’t you hook a hydraulic pump to any PWing pump?


Looks like your ahead of the curve…

Just saw a Tacoma Commercial featuring Chuck Norris.


Looks like I’m far from the first to name my truck after the Chuck.

Came across a thread on a Jeep forum, that had a ton of sweet Truck Norris facts. Some of them were less than family friendly, so I won’t post a link. But here are my favorites:

“Truck Norris doesn’t need oil. It just drives back in time and eats dinosaurs.”

“Big foot takes pictures of Truck Norris.”

“Truck Norris is as close as he wants to be to the objects that appear in his side view mirrors.”

“Death quit driving because he had a near Truck Norris Experience!”

“Truck Norris has only used his hi-beams once. In what used to be called the Mojave Rain Forest.”

“sharks have a whole week dedicated to truck norris”

“Truck Norris backfired once, and only once. In the scientific community, the event is known as the Big Bang.”

“You don’t bleed Truck Norris’ brakes. Truck Norris’ brakes bleed you.”

“The Department of Transportation salts the roads because Truck Norris hates pepper”