Huge roof wash


Im pretty sure you can only write off/deduct materials… Labor is not deductible.

But im in the club of being “aggressive” come tax time… didnt work for church last year and it was a no go.


have the church cut you a check and hand it back.


I’ll play with it at work tomorrow! It’s friday lol


Here ya go! Let me know what you think before I send it to my google drive to send to you. @Infinity


Just an fyi, Minutes is spelled wrong.


Ahhh no way lol I’ll edit that! Obviously I know how to spell minuets lol :joy:


Didn’t want you to ruin your professional video editing career before it started. Lol.




Thanks a million. Looks awesome. I’ll be posting this to our website and google page asap :smile:


So asking everyone’s opinion here… What is a video like that worth edited? If you didn’t know how to do it, what would you be willing to pay?


Just off the cuff, without having any idea of the time put into it, I think I’d be willing to pay $75 for a one time edit like that. But I’m kinda cheap, lol.

I might be persuaded to spend $125-$200 under the right circumstances. I’m a little fuzzy on exactly what that would mean. Maybe a revision or two, and managing to get YouTube to not compress the video to death. I’m pretty sure that was a full HD video to begin with, but Youtube makes it look late 90’s SD :roll_eyes:


I think that would be fair. I had $89 or so in mind. Just in case I pushed an hour.


Yeah, I’d pay that.


I’m not sure why but anytime you put a video up it will never play. Everyone else’s plays fine. I have to go to your YouTube channel to find the video. I don’t know if I’m the only one or not but I had the same issue on your deck cleaning video.


I had never heard anyone complain about it before? I just copy and paste the link.


That’s why I was letting you know. It will open then never play. It’s only on your videos so i didn’t know. I thought maybe if I said something then if anyone else had issues they would say something.


you have to click play 2 times sometimes. I know I do anyways on my apple devices.


I’ll try that. I may just be an idiot lol


Why don’t you look on Fiver and see how much the going rate is for whatever duration video you’re asked to edit? Then you have average them and have a baseline for pricing


Nah, forget fiverr. Tim Fields doesn’t try to compete with vistaprint on pricing his yard signs and other print materials. He charges a fair rate based on what he wants to make and what we’re willing to pay for a proven design.

You’ve got a captive audience here, @SchertzServicesLLC, charge what you want to :wink: