Huge roof wash


Nice video, I would have thrown a huge logo at the end, to serve as another brand “touch point”


I will have to buy software that allows me to do that. Current product is pretty basic.


@Racer makes some really nice videos! What software are you using?


At ok.
What about adding just a white page with the logo, as if it was a photo


I use Camtasia


I need some better ad copy for this. My current google post is not performing at all.

Gimme suggestions, guys!


I gave up on google ads this spring. I spent about $800 and had 1 call…


I think the video looks really good … I can only post pictures on my Google business page . May I ask how you got your video on it?


Thanks! @SchertzServicesLLC gets the credit; he edited it for me.

I used my google for business app to upload it. Had to be 100mb or under, that’s why it ends so abruptly.

I’m not paying anything to post this to our google page. My last post got dozens of views very quickly, and closed a couple jobs. This one has only had like 15 views so far. Hoping a catchier title and post will draw more people in. I just suck at copy writing.


Yeah same with Facebook I get more hits asking all my friends to share my posts. Then boosting


Also how exactly do you load videos tho I can only.load pictures I have Google business app also



This is what my app says:

Maybe they haven’t enabled that feature on the Android app, yet?

But you could probably do it on the website in Chrome.




Hahaha that’s ok first issue I came across with Android … thanks @Infinity