Huge roof wash


Taking a break at the moment! The roof of turning out great!




Difference of night and day. Looks like a new building. Did you have to use a very hot mix?


I did. I tried 1% did nothing. 3% loosens some of the light areas but the dark streaks were stuck. Ended up at 6% and still have to use about 1500 psi to get it to come off.


Looks good. That should get you noticed for some future big jobs…
How long did it take to complete?


I’m 8 hours in and half done. Doing it by myself and I took tons of breaks from the heat!


what material is the roof? And how many feet?


You’re working on a roof by yourself in a 50’ lift? Hopefully you have a ground person.


No ground person today! I had to send ramone to Kansas yesterday last minute. I haven’t needed anyone on the ground. What do you mean how many feet?


It’s an aggregate type roof. Very solid! No peeling from the mix. It has a rubberized coating.


@Racer I’m only half done if you want to drive up and be my ground man!


Did you get out and walk it or shoot it from the lift? How many sq ft was it approx? Was wondering if you used surface cleaner on it?


And you’re the school safety officer, lol.


How’s not having a ground man against policy? Lol

No I didn’t use the surface cleaner :joy::rofl:

8,700 square foot. But likely closer to 10,000 once you figure in slight pitch.

The roof is only very slightly slanted. Very walkable from a safety standpoint. Never washed closer than 10ft from the edge not in the lift. Any washing near the edge was when I was harnessed into the JLG


Also I’m not a nazi when it comes to common sense safety. If our guys are being cautious and doing the best they can to follow the rules I am happy. We have next to no recordable injuries each year. Ironically it’s papercuts and janitors getting chemicals in their eyes… I am however really hard on folks about firecode violations. Only because I have to answer to the insurance company when they inspect lol.


What app are your using for that? Thanks. And roof is looking great!


No, just personally, I’d never be in a lift while working by myself. Too many things can go wrong. My luck, some yahoo come walking by and start playing with the controls while I was up on roof.

Roof looking good though. You can actually use a surface cleaner if membrane, just lower pressure.


Students are all gone and campus police were watching from 40 yds. most of the day… they get bored in the summer lol. I have master keys that get me back inside the building from the roof. So if the lift shut down or something while I was on the roof I would just have to go down through the building. I will definitely pass on the surface cleaner though… that’s the last thing I need getting away from me 50foot up lol.


That was google earth from my office Pc