Huge roof wash


Fair point. I bought a degreaser from Landa that recommended 20:1 though and it worked awesome. Definitely the only time I’ve ever followed directions or used 20:1. Lol


Seriously Chris, does look good. Not berating your work. Am envious of the job. But what alerted me was when you said you’d only used about 20 gal and you were 1/2 done. At 50-50 you be having to change containers every 90 seconds or so.


That’s no fun. Means we’ve got to wait for a week for the video.


Uploading a preview now


Don’t envy too much it’s for free!


@Racer I made this just to tide you over!


I’m going to lift my chem line up next time and I’ll just draw from a chem tank mixed 50/50

If you are correct and it just melts off I’ll owe you pizza!


You may still need to hit twice but then you should just be able to pretty much rinse. But didn’t look too bad coming off in video. Nicely done on video.


Threw it together while feeding Hannah in the other hand lol


Say wwwwhhhaaatttt. I’d definitely be working on during regular work hours if it was free, lol


Side note about how hot it was washing that today. Blaire said she put my cloths I had thrown in the hamper out on the deck. She said they made the bathroom smell like swamp butt with a hint of bleach :joy::joy: I died!


Can’t! And it was great pr. Will have photo shoot with the president and article in the paper when it’s done. Plus a $9,500 tax write off lol


Great video. At first I thought it was a first person shooter! :slightly_smiling_face:


How much would you charge to edit down a 1 or 1.5 minute video? If this what you come up with just throwing something together, then you’ve got a knack for it. I bet a lot of members would love to have some professional videos for their websites.


Email me the clips and Ill see what I can do.
First one is free lol


I’ve got 28 minutes of raw video - a little big to email. But I’ll see if I can get it uploaded to my dropbox or icloud or something.


you have google docs?


Probably. I’ve got gmail. No wifi where I’m working today, though.


put it in your google drive and share it with me.


Sweet. Thanks * ∞ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ll get it uploaded tonight.