Huge roof wash


You should get you a gopro. Would love to see you tromping around up there live. Would be a good instructional video.


I have a camera mounted to the jail G and it’s got some pretty good footage. I just want to edit it into a video before I post it. Also plane tickets are really cheap and I can get you a tax donation slip if you come up and offer your expertise for filming LOL


Heck I’d love to. that’s a cool looking building. Are you having to worry about runoff?Hard to tell from pics. That strong a mix going to lighten the concrete it falls on I would think. Sometimes that stuff is hard to get off, especially those agg type surfaces. Had a commercial building about a month ago, had to hit about 4 - 5 times with 50-50 mix to get clean.

Subject change - How’s the new kid doing?


Doing well! Growing like a weed! I’ve been hitting it with 6% 2 times before I wash. It goes from black to brown. I’m just now getting into the nasty stuff on the north. No worries about below. I pre wet it pretty well but it’s horrible old concrete. If I notice any bleaching I will just spray the rest of it when I’m done. So far I’ve used about 20 gallons of SH and I made them order 110 from my supplier. I have a feeling it’s not 12% and more like 15% as it really warms the skin quick if you get it on ya lol


Heck, hit it a 3rd time, wait about 6-7 min in between. Are you sure you’re at 6%? You using any surfactant ? 20 gals doesn’t sound like that much if you’ve got 1/2 of it done, but realize it’s pretty flat.


Using the x jet with no orifice. And eliminator. I’m sure it’s at least 6


I believe if I kept hitting it and that it would eventually work. The problem is is that even the white areas turn brown because of the mildew disperses. So either way it has to be rinsed directly.


With your 8?


Yep! The x jet was sized for an 8


And before you ask I’m drawing out of a bucket in the JLG . I figured you thought I was drawing it from the ground LOL


Chris, you’re only getting about 3%. Seriously. xjet on 8gpm is 3-1 - so you’re getting 3% at best with your hot SH.

Just for kicks carry you a pump up there tomorrow and try it 50-50 with a dab of the eliminator in there. I thought you were using your 12V



If you’ve got a little home depot machine and an xjet for it, would be fine


Oh man… I would have swore my card said 50/50 at open! I’m not working on it again for a week or two. Back to regular job tomorrow.


Beige, black, gray. Throw the rest of them in the trash. Lol


I lack that Home Depot special lol

I’ve got the harbor freight married to a Cadillac


Whatever you’re doing is working great. Don’t change anything now. Lol


Right lol!


y, any thing more than the black might as well be downstreaming


Man’s working himself to death in the heat up there. 6% he’d been home drinking beer by 2pm today, lol